how you can trade for your vintage Pixel telephone
how you can trade for your vintage Pixel telephone

IN CASE YOU need to buy the Google Pixel 3 or Pixel THREE XL without paying full worth, trading to your old Pixel is a wise option to do this. But, to get probably the most worth out of your phone, you ’d perfect industry it in earlier than later. Once Google ’s subsequent telephone is within the wild, the worth of your older Google Pixel or Google Pixel 2 phone will greatly reduce.

When the Pixel THREE and Pixel THREE XL are introduced, many will decide whether or not they ’ll go for the most recent or as a substitute purchase a evenly used phone from an older era which will suit their needs with out breaking the bank. IN CASE YOU ’ve got an older Pixel fashion and are able for an upgrade, listed below are a few steps to take to get your tool able for selling, adopted by way of how much cash you’ll be expecting to earn again.

Check Up On your phone

in case your vintage Pixel software is in good condition, you shouldn ’t have so much of an issue finding a brand new proprietor. As mentioned in our guide on selling your iPhone, having a phone in good condition is important find a buyer who ’s prepared to pay most sensible buck.

even though your phone isn ’t in the best shape, you ought to still have the ability to get one thing on your trade. Take into account its blemishes, together with scratches, dents, cracks, and every other quirks that the next proprietor must find out about. Be truthful, or else it’s going to most definitely come back to chew you.

Erase your phone

if your Pixel or Pixel 2 has probably the most up-to-date Android Pie tool, erasing your phone starts with navigating to the settings menu, then to “Google products and services and preferences.” while you ’re there, click on “Google account” to drill down every other level, then hit “security.” Scroll down till you spot “your gadgets,” then click the software you ’re the usage of and choose “put off.” this will likely signal you out of the device that you simply ’re trading in.

the next step is to manufacturing facility reset the telephone. Back on the major settings menu, choose “gadget” and then hit “complicated” on the backside. SHOULD YOU plan to restore your phone at the Pixel THREE or THREE XL, be certain that you ’ve sponsored up to Google Force lately. Otherwise, going into “reset choices” will take you to the general step. Choose “erase all knowledge (manufacturing facility reset)” to fully wipe the instrument ’s storage.

Find the most efficient be offering

As for where you’ll sell your antique Pixel phone, is a top pick with a healthy neighborhood of patrons and dealers. at the time of this writing, you stand to get more to your Pixel here than such a lot other places. and in contrast to selling IRL via Craigslist, protects both ends of the transaction with PayPal.

Google ’s own trade-in application will also be accessed through the checkout process for a brand new phone. Positioned it seems that, Google doesn ’t be offering all that a lot on your old Pixel, nevertheless it ’s a fair possibility if your telephone isn ’t in the best form, or for those who ’re prepared to choose getting a smaller return in alternate for instant cash back.

Google Pixel Picture via Sean O ’Kane / TechnoArticle

Google Pixel

For the original Pixel in good condition with 32GB of garage, you ’re looking at up to $200 again to your pocket, minus any fees you compromise to pay by way of promoting on WHEN YOU personal the 128GB model, upload every other $50 or in an effort to that. regardless of the style you ’re selling back, when you purchased your Pixel through Verizon, its locked bootloader manner that you simply ’ll be taking a look at a rather decrease price, regardless of it being able to paintings on any carrier.

Promoting on Google by the use of its business-in software will get you a flat $ONE HUNDRED THIRTY for both the 32GB or 128GB style, irrespective of provider. Should your device be cracked or have a malfunctioning reveal, Google will provide you with as much as $105.

Google Pixel XL

the promoting price for the Pixel XL on currently begins round $230 for the 32GB type in fine condition, and works as much as near to $270 for the 128GB model. Again, Verizon ’s locked bootloader impacts the industry-in value here, because it does for the smaller Pixel.

Opposite to the fashion on, Google can pay you more in the event you sell back a Pixel XL that was bought at Verizon. Buying And Selling up with Google gives $153 for the 32GB model from Verizon, or $183 for the 128GB on Verizon. if your telephone isn ’t from Verizon, the 32GB model will fetch $143, and the 128GB model gets you $171. Will Have To your 32GB business-in be cracked or have a minor screen malfunction, you ’ll get as much as $A HUNDRED AND TEN. $123 is headed your approach for a rather damaged 128GB fashion.

Google ’s Pixel 2 Picture via James Bareham / TechnoArticle

Google Pixel 2

Google doesn ’t these days settle for the Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL for business, as the new phone isn ’t available but, even though we predict this to modify following the Pixel 3 ’s assertion on October 9th.

Heading over to, you ’re prone to get around $400 in cash if your Pixel 2 is in good shape. There are these days however a couple of 128GB fashions listed, so for those who have one to industry in, it still holds with regards to $500 in worth. As is the case for the first-era gadgets, the Verizon-bought Pixel 2 isn ’t as valuable, despite the fact that you ’re most effective taking a look at a few $20-50 distinction in industry-in yield.

Google Pixel 2 XL

The Pixel 2 XL, regardless of its higher purchase worth, has misplaced slightly a bit of of value within the prior year, in keeping with ’s current set of listings. While unhealthy for individuals who are buying and selling in, it ’s great should you ’re a purchaser. SHOULD YOU business in now, you’ll get just over $FOUR HUNDRED on your 64GB Pixel 2 XL. For a 128GB in fine condition, you ’re taking a look at a near $500 go back. It ’s no longer specifically unexpected to look that the white and black Pixel 2 XL fetches the next price due to the inventory shortages of this style at launch.


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