Disney ’s reside-motion Star Wars display may cost upwards of $100 million for 10 episodes
Disney ’s reside-motion Star Wars display may cost upwards of $100 million for 10 episodes

in the course of the Superstar Wars publishing panel earlier these days at New York Comic Con, Random Space Books introduced that Alexander Freed can be writing a brand new novel called Alphabet Squadron, so as to deal with “rebellion pilots weeding out Imperials.” To lengthy-time Celebrity Wars readers, it sounds a great deal just like the Accelerated Universe ’s X-Wing collection.

Freed isn ’t a stranger to the Famous Person Wars franchise. He wrote Battlefront: Twilight Company and the novelization for Rogue One: A Celeb Wars Tale, in addition as a handful of quick stories for Megastar Wars Insider magazine and a number of other comics. There isn ’t a lot more known past Random Area ’s brief description, apart from the reality that it ’s set after Return of the Jedi. a temporary duvet displays off the vintage starfighters that appear to inform the title: a B-Wing, U-Wing, X-Wing, Y-Wing, and A-Wing. The e book will likely be out sometime next yr.

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That Is in particular cool to listen to, as it sounds similar to some of the Big Name Wars Elevated Universe ’s absolute best-identified novels. Authored via Michael A. Stackpole and Aaron Allston as a tie-in to the 1994 starfighter game, the X-Wing series used to be an early test in go-publishing from Lucasfilm. It used to be a test to see if they could coordinate a story among a video game, comic collection, and novels. the primary guide, X-Wing: Rogue Squadron, vhit bookstores in 1996, and eight additional novels temporarily followed, with a 10th belatedly revealed in 2012 called Mercy Kill.

Mercy Kill was amazing as it adopted an entirely new crop of characters that weren ’t seen within the movies, even if figures like Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, and Han Solo made appearances. in lots of ways, the series prefigured what 2016 ’s Rogue One was looking to accomplish: inform a standalone story in the better Celebrity Wars universe, except the main saga tale. Along the way in which, there has been a number of espionage, enjoyable starfighter battles, and more.

From the all-too-transient description, Alphabet Squadron sounds similar: rise up pilots going after the Empire. With A Bit Of Luck, it ’ll live up to the vintage series from Stackpole and Allston.


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