The Air Drive is determining ‘the suitable procedure ’ for Elon Musk smoking pot
The Air Drive is determining ‘the suitable procedure ’ for Elon Musk smoking pot

After a whole day of the internet intimately dissecting Elon Musk ’s pot use, reviews began to surface that the us Air Power has opened an investigation into the Tesla and SpaceX CEO ’s drug habit, in view that SpaceX is a government launch supplier. However, an Air Power reputable tells TechnoArticle that the ones reports are untimely and that the military hasn ’t discovered what it ’s going to do.

“It ’s inaccurate that there’s an investigation. We ’ll want time to determine the details and the best process to address the placement,” an Air Drive spokesperson instructed TechnoArticle.

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It ’s only one of masses of stories that experience popped up within the aftermath of Musk smoking weed at the Joe Rogan Revel In podcast. And to start with it makes a few kind of experience: SpaceX launches satellites for the united states Air Force in spite of everything, and the use of marijuana is unlawful for those in the military and those with government security clearances.

Fox Trade ’ Charles Gasparino tweeted that the u.s. Air Power had all started to appear into Elon Musk ’s smoking, and a narrative from CNBC then adopted. it kind of feels that the initial reviews surfaced simply because Gasparino had requested the place of work about it within the first place, and the Air Drive prompt it could apply up with the inquiry. the tale grew from there, and now it sounds as if the Air Pressure goes to spend its weekend like the rest of us: overthinking a billionaire taking one vulnerable puff from a joint.

It ’s imaginable we ’ll pay attention extra a couple of formal research next week, however identical to Musk ’s look at the podcast, it would turn out to be a number of smoke and no hearth. (I ’m sorry, it seems there in truth used to be fireplace.)


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