Overwatch ’s subsequent hero is Wrecking Ball, a superintelligent hamster in an enormous, rolling mech suit
Overwatch ’s subsequent hero is Wrecking Ball, a superintelligent hamster in an enormous, rolling mech suit

Overwatch has revealed the newest hero to sign up for the roster of the preferred online multiplayer shooter — Wrecking Ball: a hamster named Hammond who pilots a tremendous, rolling, system-gun provided mech go well with. That ’s a chain of phrases that i’d bet have by no means been put together in that sequence ahead of nowadays.

Wrecking Ball will probably be the twenty eighth member of the roster. He ’s a tank-magnificence hero, with rapid mobility choices that let him roll around the battlefield, and a few serious sturdiness as a result of his Adaptive Protect talent, which generates additional shielding for him whilst he ’s surrounded by more enemies. Wrecking Ball additionally has a grappling claw with a purpose to let him swing around the field (and injury enemies that he hits), in addition as a “Piledriver” ground pound talent for slamming foes into the ground. His final skill is “Minefield,” which — as the name shows — allows him to deploy a field of mines, which need to be useful for final off lanes for flanking foes or defending checkpoints.

Wrecking Ball doesn ’t technically discuss any human languages — but in line with Snowstorm, his mech mechanically translates his voice in a “fittingly menacing tone.”

Whilst Hammond may appear a bit available in the market as an idea, there may be precedence in Overwatch ’s lore for technologically complicated, hyper-clever animals — one best want to take a look at Winston, an enormous gorilla who is a cornerstone of the Overwatch logo. in the recreation ’s lore, Hammond was part of the same test on the Horizon Lunar Colony as Winston, and secretly escaped along the heroic gorilla when the opposite experiments rose up and killed the scientists on board.


Wrecking Ball should be rolling out (pun supposed) on the Overwatch PTR test servers now for LAPTOP gamers, and will presumably hit consoles someday in the near long run.

Update June twenty eighth, 2:25PM ET: Up To Date post with additional information now that Snowfall has formally announced Wrecking Ball.

Update June 28th, 10:33AM ET: On closer inspection, it kind of feels the new hero is a hamster, now not a chipmunk. Like in a hamster ball.


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