Qualcomm ’s first new smartwatch chip in two years is for children ’ watches
Qualcomm ’s first new smartwatch chip in two years is for children ’ watches

It ’s been greater than years considering Qualcomm ultimate presented a brand new smartwatch processor, and Android smartwatches have greatly stalled (to a big quantity, despite the fact that certainly not completely) on account of it. That ’s going to change this year as Qualcomm introduces a minimum of two new smartwatch chips. the first one is being announced lately, however it isn ’t the overall-purpose chip we ’ve been waiting for: as a substitute, it ’s meant just for children ’ watches.

the new chip, the Snapdragon Wear 2500, is designed for what Qualcomm sees as an emerging market of smartwatches constructed around youngsters ’ (and parents ’) wishes. Pankaj Kedia, who leads wearables at Qualcomm, says these watches are meant to provide youngsters the power to keep studying and connecting with units after they depart the home and find themselves at school, the place they aren ’t at all times beside a computer.

It supports ‘Android for children ’ instead of Google ’s Wear OS

“It ’s such as you grew up on Alexa and also you want to take Alexa with you,” Kedia stated in a phone interview. “You want to ask Alexa ‘what ’s the capital of the u.s. ’ or ‘who’s the 35th president of the us? ’ or learn a different language, and voice assistants are making it simple for you to do this. Actually, kids in that bracket are the usage of child watches to learn.”

The Wear 2500 chip is round a 3rd smaller than earlier Wear chips and is supposed to provide somewhat better battery life. The chip supports LTE, up to a FIVE-megapixel digital camera, region tracking, and plenty of different sensors.

since it ’s meant for kids, it sounds as if it ’ll be a much less powerful platform than no matter what Wear chip Qualcomm is planning subsequent, but Kedia wouldn ’t explain that time or why the 2500 couldn ’t be used to make basic-function watches. “i have a Tesla and a Porsche,” he mentioned. “Both take me from point A to point B, however they ’re designed for various use cases. Related kind of thing here.”

There ’s one other interesting quirk to the wear 2500 chip: it isn ’t designed to make stronger Wear OS, Google ’s smartwatch platform. Instead, it ’s intended to be paired with a customized model of Android that Qualcomm has built for youngsters ’ watches. It ’s referred to as Android for kids, and it seems like it gained ’t enhance notifications or an app store; instead, manufacturers will preload it with the apps and video games that they think children and oldsters will want.

Qualcomm has already began providing the damage 2500 to hardware companions and expects watches the usage of it to start popping out later this 12 months. Huawei might be among the first partners.

Kedia didn ’t have an replace on whilst the Qualcomm ’s subsequent common-function smartwatch chip — one meant for Wear OS watches — could arrive. But he stated each the child and adult watch segments “are large as of late, getting bigger” and that Qualcomm meant to lead in each. “Profitable is fun,” Kedia said. “Qualcomm is profitable. we are profitable as a result of we’re investing.”


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