Microsoft says it ’s now not planning VR toughen on Xbox
Microsoft says it ’s now not planning VR toughen on Xbox

Microsoft has totally pulled back on plans to reinforce digital reality headsets on the Xbox. In an interview with, Microsoft ’s chief advertising officer of gaming Mike Nichols mentioned that “we don ’t have any plans particular to Xbox consoles in digital reality or blended reality.” Nichols goes on to say that the pc is “more than likely the most efficient platform” for digital and combined reality, and that for the Xbox, “our focal point is primarily on reports you might play in your TELEVISION.”

This principally completes the gradual decay of Microsoft ’s console VR plans, a minimum of for now. In 2016, Xbox leader Phil Spencer stated that the approaching Mission Scorpio console would support “prime-end VR” like that to be had on Home Windows Computers. Considering That Microsoft had prior to now partnered with Oculus to beef up Xbox controllers on the Oculus Rift, there was well-liked speculation that Scorpio might paintings with the Rift in addition.

This by no means came about, however later that year, Microsoft introduced a whole line of VR headsets — and a few months after that, it said that mixed truth content can be coming to Xbox units in 2018. On The Other Hand, ultimately year ’s E3, Spencer used to be appreciably much less enthusiastic. He told Road to VR that even if he used to be “lengthy-time period bullish” on VR, it wasn ’t ready to come to Xbox yet, and the market used to be “years away.” Now, Nichols is only even expressing passion in the platform.

Spencer described an “over-exuberance” in Microsoft ’s early VR plans, and the marketplace has indisputably grown more slowly than many imagined. On The Other Hand, Microsoft ’s competitor Sony has performed reasonably neatly with its playstation VR headset, and Microsoft has long gone forward with a couple of LAPTOP VR headsets alongside partners like Samsung and Acer. Microsoft continues to be looking to shore up the Xbox One ’s shaky place, despite the fact that, partially as it overemphasized promoting the Kinect motion controller early on. It ’s no longer unexpected to look the corporate ’s Xbox VR plans slip away — especially since it ’s in large part focusing on industry makes use of for its mixed truth headsets.


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