Leica ’s first watches are greater than mere advertising
Leica ’s first watches are greater than mere advertising

Germany ’s Leica, a company that enjoys world renown for its high-quality cameras, is not shy about licensing its name out to lesser merchandise. As of nowadays, you’ll be able to purchase Leica headphones, Leica bags, smartphones with dubious Leica co-engineering claims, and Panasonic cameras rebadged as Leicas. However now Leica is getting into the watchmaking industry, and it ’s doing so by way of in truth designing and engineering its personal timepieces.

Introduced this month, and lined extensive by way of Hodinkee, the Leica L1 and L2 watches have a stark and minimalist glance, with black dials, contrasting white palms and indices, and refined crimson rubies embedded within the crown. It wouldn ’t be a Leica without a purple dot someplace, in fact. Each watches have a handbook-winding mechanical movement, that is being made by way of Lehmann Präzision GmbH, a fellow German corporate that collaborated carefully with Leica on the mission. The L2 is the GMT style, which tracks a 2nd timezone by way of including an inside rotating bezel with hour markings. It also has an afternoon/evening indicator.

Leica L1 and the L1 (left) and L2 movements Leica L1 and the L1 (left) and L2 actions. Photograph: Leica

At The Same Time As neither watch has yet been priced, Leica guarantees that the Leica L1 will value less than €10,000, according to Hodinkee, when the 2 move on sale q4. Manufacturing is claimed to be restricted to FOUR HUNDRED gadgets of every for the first yr, even though Leica could also be going to issue a Leica L2 in a distinct 18-karat rose gold case (as opposed to the default chrome steel) in addition as restricted editions of each watch fashions with crimson dials. No idea how a lot additional that red paint will cost on the super exclusive Leica, but i do know I without a doubt want one.

Limited edition Leica L1 with red dial Restricted edition Leica L1 with crimson dial. Picture: Hodinkee


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