Fanatics think PT lives on in new Demise Stranding footage
Fanatics think PT lives on in new Demise Stranding footage

While PT — a playable teaser for Hideo Kojima ’s reboot of Silent Hill — left the playstation Store in 2015, it took on an city legend status. no longer downloadable and with the larger recreation canceled in addition, handiest people who already had PT on their system may proceed to play it. However after Sony ’s E3 press convention earlier this week, a few enthusiasts think that the legend isn ’t completely lifeless.

PT initially came out in 2014 and straight away was viral on social media. In a departure from so much horror games, PT scared players in large part by making them walk thru a hallway over and another time; the enchantment was in how even the mundane could be terrifying in the proper palms. As gamers dove deeper into the game, they learned that there has been a far higher mystery hiding within it. to solve it, fans from around the world needed to cooperate and proportion knowledge approximately how you can stay progressing. As Soon As players reached the top, they had been shocked to find that PT used to be in fact a teaser for the approaching Silent Hills. It was once made through Metal Gear Solid dressmaker Kojima and director Guillermo del Toro, and it was once going to megastar Walking Dead actor Norman Reedus. Hype around PT exploded after which turned into sadness after the game was canceled and Kojima left Konami.

For The Reason That then, Kojima has long gone on to create his own corporate, and he has been engaged on a new sport referred to as Dying Stranding. Dying Stranding has gathered its own fans, partially on account of Kojima ’s cult of personality and in part since the enigmatic trailers for the title have their own trade truth sport. Enthusiasts steadily dissect any new photos, ceaselessly finding clues that lend a hand give an explanation for what Demise Stranding in fact is.

The trailer that dropped Monday evening isn’t any exception: some hardcore enthusiasts consider that it comprises imagery that harkens back to PT. Particularly, there are a bunch of art work in PT that appear to appear like the landscapes in Dying Stranding, major fanatics like Reddit user TheInvisibleOnes to pair the photographs up facet via aspect.

deathstranding.jpg PT art work are at the left, Loss Of Life Stranding landscapes are on the right.

in step with TheInvisibleOnes, this isn ’t the only time that Loss Of Life Stranding seems to have used imagery from PT. Remaining 12 months, fans spotted that PT has a movie bad that once inverted what looks like a tunnel:


The declare is that this tunnel went directly to be featured in a Death Stranding trailer:


Players also declare that a blurry painting in PT seems to glue with an reliable Loss Of Life Stranding poster:


It ’s conceivable that these are large coincidences or that avid gamers are seeing things that aren ’t there. It ’s additionally entirely imaginable that Kojima didn ’t make any of these connections intentionally. However there ’s something seductive concerning the method Kojima lovers spin a narrative and make you think in conspiracies that flip an effortless trailer into one thing higher than life.

consider it: is it in point of fact so exhausting to imagine that Loss Of Life Stranding can have some ideas in it that didn ’t make it into Silent Hills? We Know that Death Stranding has a few horror elements, as there are giant invisible shadow monsters in it that kill other folks. PT had baby fetuses, and Dying Stranding additionally has small children in it. Reedus is fascinated by each tasks, as is del Toro.

“Whilst I don ’t consider Demise Stranding is PT / Silent Hills, I do think it ’s clear that there are heavy visible references,” TheInvisibleOnes wrote again in 2017. The put up goes directly to reference dialogue from PT, where a personality at the radio ominously says, “i can be coming again, and i ’m bringing my new toys with me.” Fans have latched directly to that quote, making it out to be Kojima breaking the fourth wall. As lovers inform it, Kojima knew he was going out the door sooner than PT used to be released, and he knew that issues wouldn ’t determine.

“Kojima is speaking to the participant of PT,” TheInvisibleOnes advised TechnoArticle. “Telling them instantly, I ’m approximately to go away Konami. However those ideas? Those are coming alongside.”

The conspiracy theories are fueled through Kojima’s own perspective towards Death Stranding. In a up to date interview with The Telegraph, The Japanese game developer said, “It ’s now not that I ’m just hanging random hints available in the market — the whole lot comes together. I ’m seeking to ensure that that all the items of the puzzle slot in … The Game hasn ’t been finished at this aspect but we have already got a few kind of sport occurring with the lovers already.”

“people are obsessed with the theory of the cancelled PT,” TheInvisibleOnes stated. “most people need to consider that Loss Of Life Stranding is actually secretly PT.”

Perhaps none of this is precise, or even individuals are seeing what they wish to see. Death Stranding might turn out to be its own thing, free of any connection to Silent Hills. But despite the fact that that ends up being the case, it sort of feels that PT will never stop haunting the avid gamers who walked thru its darkened halls.


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