Watch the first actual gameplay trailer for The Last Folks Section II
Watch the first actual gameplay trailer for The Last Folks Section II

Sony confirmed a new trailer for The Closing People II that features Ellie as a playable persona in our first glimpse of gameplay for the title. The trailer begins with a younger, more innocent Ellie at a dance together with her friends and a female romantic interest, presumably throughout a more non violent time, however there ’s unclear placement in the timeline of occasions beginning with the outbreak to the finishing of the first sport. Leaping years later, Ellie is shown to be a highly able and fatal fighter. The trailer features the stealth elements that have been a cornerstone of the primary game, as well as a sophisticated type of the brutal melee struggle from the original.

The Closing Of Us Part II is one of the following big-budget, single-player-targeted narrative video games on the time table for the ps FOUR. Sony ’s platform has had an absolutely stellar 12 months of exclusives, particularly in that genre, together with Horizon Zero Dawn and the new God of Warfare. Sony-owned studio Naughty Canine is now tasked with delivering on huge expectancies carried over from the unique The Last People whilst pushing forward each the technical and narrative elements of the style, simply as the unique did within the final years of the playstation 3.

We were given the first trailer and the initial assertion for the game again at playstation Enjoy in December 2016. Last yr all the way through Paris Games Week, Naughty Dog made waves with an extremely-violent trailer that, in spite of some neatly-deserved backlash, did introduce a bunch of attention-grabbing new characters into The Remaining People universe. we all know the sport facilities on Ellie who, now grown up and apparently nonetheless resistant to the Cordyceps brain infection, seems to be a miles extra hardened, almost nihilistic survivor. Joel, who made a controversial resolution on the finish of the first sport that made up our minds Ellie ’s destiny, remains to be within the picture, however to what volume we still don ’t recognize.


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