How a 50-year-antique NASA invention could change the way in which we battle cancer
How a 50-year-antique NASA invention could change the way in which we battle cancer

Ferrofluid actually is the stuff of technological know-how fiction. It was once created at NASA as some way to transport gas in space, and one day quickly, it may be used to pilot medicine via your body.

This atypical excellent is fabricated from three ingredients: magnetic nanoparticles, like iron oxide; a special coating that assists in keeping the debris from clumping in combination; and a water-primarily based or oil-based totally liquid. What makes ferrofluid “magical” is that you just can use an easy magnet to move it around from a distance, without using pumps or wires.

czapatka_180611_1777_ferofluid_0001.jpg Ferrofluid is “activated” by means of magnets. Photograph through Cory Zapatka / TechnoArticle

The Primary ferrofluid was once invented via a NASA engineer named Steve Papell within the early nineteen sixties. His idea was once that if you happen to add these magnetic nanoparticles to gasoline, you’ll move it round in 0 gravity with a magnetic field. That didn ’t truly pan out. However since then, ferrofluids have been used a ways and extensive. Nowadays, you’ll be able to in finding ferrofluids in speakers, exhausting drives, and skateboards. however the future of biomedicine is the place things get in point of fact exciting.

Scientists like Thomas Webster, the director of the Nanomedicine Laboratory at Northeastern School, are taking a look at the ways ferrofluid can kill most cancers cells, struggle drug-resistant infections, or even assist neurons be in contact with one another. Watch the video above to delve into the sci-fi international of ferrofluid — and enjoy some hypnotizing goo alongside the way in which.

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In The Event You need to experiment with ferrofluid, watch the video below, where TechnoArticle video director Cory Zapatka and supervising director Tom Connors speak about the method of running with ferrofluid and display some shots that didn ’t reasonably make the reduce.


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