Microsoft is building a game streaming provider and new Xbox consoles
Microsoft is building a game streaming provider and new Xbox consoles

Microsoft has been teasing that it ’s engaged on sport streaming from the cloud just lately, and these days at E3, the company made it professional. Phil Spencer, Microsoft ’s gaming chief, revealed the company is hard at paintings construction a streaming game carrier for any software. “Our cloud engineers are construction a recreation streaming community to release console gaming on any tool,” says Spencer, and the service will work throughout Xbox, Desktops, or phones.

Spencer didn ’t give any company dates on whilst the service can be available, however he ’s prior to now teased Xbox game streaming within three years. Many have tried and did not create a game streaming provider, and it ’s a difficult factor to get right. Sony got streaming games service OnLive most effective to close it down, and it previously got Gaikai, which in the end turned into part of its ps Now service. Nvidia is trying to movement video games to Desktops, however these types of existing services will endure some form of latency that grasp them again from being commonplace.

Spencer additionally found out what have to be glaring: Microsoft is making new Xbox consoles. in line with Spencer, Microsoft ’s teams are “deep into architecturing the next Xbox consoles.” Microsoft ’s research teams also are working on synthetic intelligence for gaming. “Our mavens in Microsoft Research are growing the future of gaming AI, so the worlds and characters we enjoy will probably be extra wealthy and extra immersive,” explains Spencer.


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