The Essential Telephone ’s first new module due to the fact release is a magnetic headphone jack
The Essential Telephone ’s first new module due to the fact release is a magnetic headphone jack

The Fundamental Phone is getting its first new attachment module since it launched almost a year ago. And it ’s a magnetic 3.5mm headphone jack dongle. Crucial revealed it was engaged on this accent back in September.

the brand new attachment dongle — known as the Audio Adapter HD — is part of a focus on song that Very Important announced these days, and as well as to offering the missing 3.5mm headphone jack, it additionally includes a top-resolution ESS Sabre DAC with an “audiophile-grade amp” that ’s “made from machined titanium for remarkable durability.” And, as Essential may be very explicit in declaring, it additionally means that you’ll be able to in spite of everything rate your phone whilst paying attention to tune on the related time.

It ’s additionally a DAC

Also new at the Very Important telephone is toughen for Tidal ’s Master High Quality Authenticated (MQA) lossless tracks, together with a brand new partnership with the tune carrier where Crucial Telephone house owners might be in a position to take heed to MQA tracks. Tidal is offering Crucial Telephone owners a 3-month subscription of its Hi-Fi tier at no cost to take a look at out the upper-resolution audio.

The magnetic attachment device used to be touted as a major feature for the fundamental Phone when it was once first announced in 2017, but except the 360-stage digicam attachment that the phone launched with, no other Click On attachments ever materialized. previously, that is. The charging dock station for the phone that was once unveiled along the 360 cam has yet to ship.

There ’s no word yet as to how much the Audio Adapter HD will value, however Crucial is promising a unencumber sometime this summer. the discharge of any new hardware in any respect is something of a marvel, given that stories had been swirling closing month that Crucial had canceled its second telephone and was once exploring selling the corporate.

Although, as my colleague Casey Newton talked about, it makes a sort of poetic sense that when cancelling the future, Very Important could include the prior.


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