Jeffrey Wright says his Westworld persona is
Jeffrey Wright says his Westworld persona is "according to a Reddit consumer"

Spoilers ahead for Westworld season 1.

HBO ’s Westworld is set robots, power, and the nature of humanity, among other things. In season 2 of the show, Westworld park programming head Bernard Lowe (Jeffrey Wright) is a cornerstone character, the target audience ’s window into working out what ’s happening in a bunch of plots. As he pieces in combination his faulty memories, the viewers are putting in combination clues to grasp the larger tale. However as season 1 revealed, Bernard is a number — a fully humanoid robotic — which complicates both his memory issues and his id issues. Created as a man-made copy of Westworld co-writer Arnold Weber, Bernard entered the story now not figuring out he was a host. Last Friday, Wright sat down at Big Apple ’s Split Displays Festival to discuss how the craft of taking part in a robotic differs from taking part in a human.

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Festival director and moderator Matt Zoller Seitz interviewed Wright about topics ranging from Westworld and Reddit to Wright ’s earlier roles, including Dr. Martin Luther King within the 2001 film Boycott and Jean Michel Basquiat within the 1996 movie Basquiat. The highlights of the night time ’s dialog appear especially prescient as season 2 strategies its finish.

one thing Seitz asked was whether or not Wright knew his character had been a host all along. “I just knew entering into, when we shot the pilot, that he was once more or less an everyman. Understated, good vintage Bernard, simply kind of spinning his hamster wheel,” Wright says. “I were given the experience that we ’d follow him on this adventure of discovery as we move through the season.”

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However as soon as HBO picked up the display, government producer Lisa Pleasure got back to Wright with feedback. He says she ’s typically brilliantly articulate, but she stumbled over how one can break the inside track: “K, what i need to inform you — ok, so it ’s written — okay, so your persona — it ’s complicated. Uhh, ok. You ’re no longer — you ’re a number.” Wright used to be stunned in the beginning, but looking back, he says, “It was once exciting as it added so much obtrusive new size to what we had been able to do. And I held it with reference to my vest because they requested me to.”

“That ’s who my personality relies on: a Reddit user.”

While capturing season 2, Wright says the writers and manufacturers gave him even less to head on. “They wanted to stay me within the darkish. But within the first 4 weeks of this season, I shot scenes from approximately seven or 8 different episodes, so I were given clued in.” He elaborates, “I had these little bits and pieces, and i had these little breadcrumbs, and then i am getting the primary script and that i go, ‘Oh, ok. ’”

He jokes that his personality is essentially one among the large neighborhood of fanatics on Reddit who come together online each and every Sunday during seasons of Westworld to decipher the display ’s extremely sophisticated clues. “That ’s what I attempt to emulate, you understand? That ’s who my personality is predicated on: a Reddit consumer.” Extra significantly, he explains that he ’s like Bernard, who ’s “seeking to feel his method toward his survival” as a result of neither of them have the entire items of the puzzle but.

Given the show ’s many time-shifts and the best way it units scenes set in the comparable position however in numerous classes, Wright says he regularly has to play Bernard by means of staring off into the air. But he says that stare has to be purposeful: “you’ll ’t simply stare off blankly. you might have to have an excessively particular understanding of what it’s you ’re taking a look at and why you ’re looking at it. You ’re more or less appearing and you ’re modifying and also you ’re envisioning all at once.”

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That roughly mechanical, virtually mathematical calculation extends to the physicality of his efficiency. Seitz requested an intriguing question approximately whether the actors playing hosts have any kind of playbook for a way they need to move and stroll. Wright says their movement isn ’t uniform via any means, however that he makes use of Dolores (Evan Rachel Picket) and her father (Louis Herthum) as archetypes. “They have been very early dangerous robots. in order that they set the parameters.”

to behave like a system, Wright says he thinks of the following motion or emotion that ’s programmed into his queue, then contains it out. “It ’s a great deal concerning the second… I attempt to be as efficient as possible. Were Given to be mathematical. What ’s probably the most drive i will be able to deliver with the least amount of physical power exerted? The Place ’s the jugular?”

However just as Bernard struggles to seek out his personal loose will, there are still glimpses of humanity within robots. For the contact of life, Wright says, “In theater, the primary device for me was voice. On-screen, it ’s the eyes. That ’s what I play more than the rest… I attempt to infuse rationale throughout the eyes.”


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