Microsoft shopping for GitHub has resulted in some extraordinarily nerdy memes
Microsoft shopping for GitHub has resulted in some extraordinarily nerdy memes

It ’s legit. Microsoft is obtaining GitHub for a hefty $7.5 billion price ticket — and the millions of developers who use the positioning have some feelings about it.

In Spite Of Microsoft ’s up to date flip to aggressively embrace the whole lot open source, the tech giant has an extended historical past of opposing open software. This much less-than-stellar past is spelling out so much of mistrust among the GitHub devs. Some imagine that Microsoft would possibly co-choose their codes for long run merchandise or that they ’ll be robust-armed into exclusively the use of the corporate ’s merchandise. There ’s additionally a few murmurs amongst devs that the tech large may add tracking or advertisements to all of GitHub ’s sites, in keeping with Slashdot.

Commentators around the tech blogosphere and the burgeoning dev communities across Twitter and Reddit have pop out for and against the purchase, and because this is the web, there have additionally been a number of memes.

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— wiredmartian (@wiredmartian) June 4, 2018

There Were others that made jabs at Windows ’ dependancy of continually updating…

Microsoft obtaining Github, and the builders operating clear of this like a deadly disease. Then one came up with this early meme

— Jay Kiharani (@Kiharani) June 4, 2018

Or introduced back everyone ’s favorite non-public assistant, Clippy, to weigh in on code-writing initiatives.

the new Github, after the purchase


— Lukas Eder (@lukaseder) June 4, 2018

microsoft is going to mend @github

— Max Böck (@mxbck) June 4, 2018

Regardless That Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has said that he ’ll stay the platform “developer first,” a few coders are shlepping their repositories to rivaling sites, like Gitlab, in a type of exodus — a trend that likely received ’t permit up anytime quickly.


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