Steal the celebs is a pulpy audio drama a few secretive executive UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECT program
Steal the celebs is a pulpy audio drama a few secretive executive UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECT program

A yr in the past, technological know-how fiction publisher Tor Books introduced that it was launching a new imprint: Tor Labs, devoted to experimental storytelling. Its first venture was once a serialized podcast called Scouse Borrow the celebrities, a pulpy audio drama in regards to the staff of a secretive government contractor that is studying a crashed ALIEN CRAFT.

Throughout 14 episodes, Thieve the celebrities follows Dak (voiced by way of Ashlie Atkinson), the executive of security for a safety contractor called Quill Marine that during ownership of an alien spacecraft buried deep underground. It ’s Dak ’s job to ensure that the send and the alien contained inside is stored mystery, enforcing the company ’s stringent safety features. but when she falls for a brand new hire, Lieutenant Commander Matthew Salem (voiced via Neimah Djourabchi), her life is grew to become the other way up. Interpersonal romances are expressly forbidden, and the 2 go to nice lengths to cover their newfound courting as their corporate overlords demand extra from the research crew at the facility.

Last 12 months, Tor Labs aired all of the collection through weekly episodes, and later launched with a industrial-unfastened compilation of the audio drama on Audible. but it also made up our minds to do something… novel: it printed a print version of the series written by way of Nat Cassidy, one of the show ’s voice actors.

The e-book isn ’t like different top-profile print variations of performs like Harry Potter and the Cursed Kid, which used to be simply the screenplay in e book form. As An Alternative, it illuminates the sector of the audio drama via prose, or even provides new subject matter. “Because Cassidy was once in it and there every day he got to look issues happening in actual time, got to look nuances,” Tor Labs editor Jen Gunnels says, “I Think that that gave him a degree of insight into the entire process and into quite a lot of characters that really ended up appearing up in the e-book.”

you can also listen to Thieve the stars on Tor Labs ’ web page, Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Soundcloud, Spotify, and Stitcher.

Steal_the_Stars_Podcast.png Image: Tor Labs

Gunnels and senior editor Marco Palmieri instructed TechnoArticle final year that the project got here out of their remark that whilst audiobooks and podcasts became extra popular than ever, few traditional e book publishers had been growing audio dramas. It accelerated into dialog with folks they knew within the theater industry — Gunnels is a former theater critic — and shortly playwright and audio dramatist Mac Rogers signed directly to write the collection. From there, the mission came together briefly, with Rogers finishing such a lot of the script in a couple of month.

the relationship between Dak and Matt turns into valuable to the story, specifically as they both risk their jobs to maintain it a secret, and Gunnels says that certainly one of the largest surprises was once “how neatly the intercourse scenes labored” regardless of an audio-handiest structure that would have made them seem cheesy or embarrassing.

“the opposite factor that truly surprised us was Dak,” she says. the harsh-as-nails safety officer is liable for overseeing the power ’s security — and looking to be sure that that her own other people discover her illicit romance. Atkinson ’s performance also created a few fascinating ambiguity for listeners, a few of whom couldn ’t tell if Dak was once male or female after the first episode. “Atkinson in point of fact brought a fascinating nuance, simply because the way her voice sounds.”

Gunnels describes Dak as an excessively forceful and strong-willed persona. “She ’s used to being in control and you don ’t actually get a lot of female characters like that.” She notes that listener observed that the series flipped the gender script on a well-known noir trope as the romance unfolds: “The femme fatale is a male in this tale.” in addition to playing with the shape of the story, Tor Labs has played around with the underlying tropes of the genre that it ’s presented.

Steal the celebs ended up being a big good fortune, with over 1,000,000 downloads throughout the course of its run. Gunnel notes that eventually, the podcast can be removed from its quite a lot of unfastened places on-line, but that listeners will nonetheless have the opportunity to obtain the audiobook from Audible or pick out up the unconventional from a bookstore. within the interim, they ’re already brainstorming ideas for their next audio drama mission.


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