Philips ’ app that syncs Hue lighting with laptop shows is surprisingly just right
Philips ’ app that syncs Hue lighting with laptop shows is surprisingly just right

These Days, Philips is making its Hue Sync app available to any person looking to synchronize their Hue lights with no matter what ’s working on their Windows or Mac computer. Hue Sync detects no matter what colors it sees on the reveal after which projects an identical air of secrecy onto the walls around it. it really works with anything, in point of fact, even music and internet surfing, but the enjoy is especially immersive whilst gaming or staring at video at full display. it really works surprisingly well, too. i do know as a result of I ’ve been checking out a pre-liberate model of the app on an iMac for the previous few days.

Let me wager: like me, you spend a lot of time at the back of your house pc. Possibly it ’s additionally the biggest monitor on your area, surrounded by a rumbling speaker configuration that ’s perfectly tuned to blast your face with audio whilst gaming, or staring at movies and picture. if this is the case, then Hue Sync might be for you.

My setup is super simple. I ’ve were given a four-12 months old 27-inch iMac that sits a couple of foot from a white wall, with an old “Pixar lamp” in the back of it fitted with a multi-colored Hue bulb. I ’ve all the time been a fan of Microsoft ’s IllumiRoom idea, and those Philips Ambilight TVs that bleed colors proper off the show and onto the wall in the back of it. Hue Sync creates an approximation of that superb effect, however with a non-trivial have an effect on on CPU.

Hero_3.png The Hue Sync app set to synchronize video. Symbol: Philips

The app requires a Hue bridge to your network, and also you wish to define an “Entertainment house” in the a lot improved Hue 3.0 app that went live a couple of days in the past. My leisure area is produced from a single bulb at the back of my all-in-one, however you can go nuts with mild strips and different Hue furniture to create as large and vivid of a light show as you need.

With a YouTube video playing at full monitor and the Hue Sync app maxed-out at “Severe” brightness and “CPU – high performance,” the HueSync process regularly reported CPU utilization on my antique iMac at round 24 to 26 p.c, infrequently spiking to over FORTY %, or losing into the low teenagers. however the synchronization was just right. there has been a moderate lag among the color changes on the monitor and the Hue bulb, but it surely didn ’t detract from the experience, with the Hue easily converting colors even all through speedy-shifting action scenes. It used to be particularly adept at opting for simply the proper colors to ship to my lone Hue bulb at the same time as the on-screen image introduced a clutter of colors as you ’d get with any TELEVISION display, sport or movie.

In a multi-mild setup, Hue Sync will map the colours throughout regions of the show after which send them to the fitting Hue software. you’ll be able to see this in the image on the top of the object with pink gentle flooding the wall at the left, and blue to the correct, according to the scene at the display.

The folowing GIF was once captured while streaming this YouTube video to turn how correctly and quickly my setup responded to uniform color adjustments on the iMac ’s show:

Synchronizing with a YouTube video. Hue Sync set to top cpu mode and extreme brightness. GIF: Thomas Ricker / TechnoArticle

Lowering the brightness from “Intense” to “Subtle” within the app had little impact on the CPU usage. In my trying out, the CPU set to “low efficiency” mode hovered around 19 to twenty % but nonetheless spiked into the 30s. It also resulted in a occasionally uncomfortable extend within the light synchronization, and often seemed jerky on the wall at the back of the show. For these reasons, I left the app in top performance mode, that is fine for movies, however can cause issues for avid gamers.

final analysis: Hue Sync is a amusing little app that ’s loose to use, and, for me, provides an extra layer of immersion to the experience of watching videos or movie. So, when you have already got some Hue bulbs laying round, then you definitely actually should provide it a take a look at.


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