Why are there so many different blood types?
Why are there so many different blood types?

Do you already know your blood kind? if you happen to haven ’t been in any clinical eventualities where blood sort is very important, chances are you’ll now not. I for sure don ’t, even though I ’ve been enthusiastic about blood because i was a sophomore in highschool.

That yr, i was recognized with Sort 1 diabetes. That intended, amongst many things, that I needed to make myself bleed just about every day as I monitored my blood sugar ranges through a finger prick. (I now put on a monitor with an below-pores and skin sensor that continuously tests my blood sugar, saving my palms from such a lot of pricks.) So whilst that very same year, I realized easy methods to use microscopes in technological know-how magnificence, interest were given the best of me: I took some of my blood and positioned it underneath the microscope. The choreography of red and white blood cells dancing around the slide left me in awe.

There ’s nonetheless a lot we don ’t know about blood

But as not unusual as blood is, there ’s a lot that we nonetheless don ’t know about it. we all know there are 8 primary blood teams that make up a majority of the arena ’s inhabitants and dozens of uncommon varieties besides. however it seems that scientists nonetheless don ’t know why we advanced different blood sorts.

in the video above, we go over a few of the early theories surrounding blood that date back to TWO HUNDRED CE. I also take a take a look at, called the Eldoncard, to determine my blood kind. However as much as i will be able to find out about my own blood, we might by no means know the way or why the entire blood types developed as far back as 20 million years ago. That ’s frustrating — but in addition incredibly attention-grabbing.


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