Apple Song and Pandora have pulled R. Kelly ’s tune from curated playlists
Apple Song and Pandora have pulled R. Kelly ’s tune from curated playlists

On Thursday, Spotify announced that it will start to refrain from selling artists it deemed acting “hate content material” or “reveal hateful habits personally” on its corporate-curated playlists. This comprises artist R. Kelly, who has been accused over the years of sexual misconduct. Pandora and Apple Song have now taken equivalent steps to deemphasize artists.

Pitchfork stated that Apple quietly started to pull R. Kelly from a few of its curated playlists prior to Spotify ’s statement in light of renewed studies about his behavior from a number of women. However, different artists, like XXXTentacion, who used to be also pulled from Spotify ’s playlists, is still on Apple ’s promoted playlists.

In A Similar Way, Pandora has reportedly been operating for “months” to update its insurance policies on artists who have exhibited questionable behavior, consistent with Blast. Like Spotify, it has got rid of Kelly from its playlists. The carrier informed Blast that its “coverage is to not actively advertise artists with certain demonstrable behavioral, moral or legal problems. We means each and every of these scenarios on a case–through–case foundation to make sure we cope with elements real to Pandora ’s principles while no longer overreaching and heading off censorship.”

Spotify instructed The Verge in advance this week that R. Kelly ’s song is still on the more than a few services: the carrier simply gained ’t put it up for sale to customers thru its playlists. the similar seems to be precise for Apple and Pandora: the companies aren ’t pulling their track from their catalogs, and are simply exercising some editorial regulate over who is going at the curated lists. Spotify says that it ’s running from user feedback and with help from teams akin to GLAAD, the Anti-Defamation League, and others, even though it ’s no longer transparent if Apple and Pandora are taking similar techniques, leaving them to work on a case-by means of-case foundation to figure out who gets the additional consideration, and who does not.



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