The hidden math at the back of your DMV ’s eye take a look at
The hidden math at the back of your DMV ’s eye take a look at

NO LESS THAN once for your existence, you must have squinted at the eye chart at the doctor ’s place of business or DMV, seeking to make out the blurry bottom line. The check seems simple sufficient, proper? Learn a random string of consonants and vowels on one line, then repeat the method with the line under until you can ’t make out the letters anymore.

seems, there ’s some very precise math that determines the scale and association of those block letters so as to test your talent to peer main points — referred to as your “visible acuity.” First advanced in 1862 by Dutch ophthalmologist Herman Snellen, the prototypes of this eye chart began with summary shapes. Ultimately, the chart integrated those acquainted block letters.

one in every of Snellen ’s big accomplishments was once standardizing the attention chart so that others may just use the same concepts to enhance their very own checks. So we made up our minds to offer it a take a look at. in the video above, we hint the attention chart again to its origins and take a detailed glance on the biology of visual acuity and the math that is going into testing its limits. Then, we go to ridiculous lengths to test my own eyesight. Spoiler alert: it ’s awesome.


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