Poppy responds to Mars Argo abuse allegations, lawsuit
Poppy responds to Mars Argo abuse allegations, lawsuit

Internet personality Poppy has spoke back to abuse allegations and a lawsuit filed through fellow YouTuber Mars Argo, actual title Brittany Sheets, calling the accusations “false.” In a press release posted to her Twitter account, Poppy — whose prison identify is Moriah Pereira — writes that both she and creative partner Corey Mixter have been stunned to be told of the lawsuit by the use of TMZ. “it will appear Ms. Sheets used to be intent on development a exposure campaign around her submitting of a complaint and was no longer taken with our legal professionals first having a serious discussion concerning the deserves of her claims,” she writes.

Sheets filed a lawsuit to boot as a domestic violence restraining order towards Mixter last month, alleging that she had endured “severe emotional and psychological abuse and manipulation from Mr. Mixter.” Sheets also claims that Mixter created the Poppy character as a “Mars Argo knockoff,” and is seeking damages in opposition to Pereira “for being a realizing accomplice to Mr. Mixter ’s illegal actions.”

In Pereira ’s commentary lately, she writes that she has concealed her own identity at the back of the Poppy persona “because i have my own historical past as a survivor of abuse” that she by no means desired to be part of the public report, however that “Ms. Sheets ’ exposure campaign has made that impossible.” In a follow-up tweet, Pereira features a photograph of a restraining order filed in opposition to Joshua Michael Moran, who she claims Sheets is “now taking part and maintaining an ongoing relationship with.” Sheets has no longer but replied to Pereira ’s remark.


— Poppy (@poppy) May 7, 2018


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