Westworld ’s largest new surprise has not anything to do with hosts
Westworld ’s largest new surprise has not anything to do with hosts

HBO ’s technological know-how fiction drama Westworld isn ’t just identified for its talented cast and its philosophical musings about the nature of fact. It ’s additionally turn into well-known for its unearths, from thoughts-bending bombshells that hyperlink characters to simple pieces of backstory that carry new perception to a storyline. Watching Westworld is like peeling an onion, one layer at a time.

That ’s why for the display ’s 2d season, I ’ll be diving into one specific spoilery revelation from each episode, to determine what it means, how we got here, and where issues may go within the episodes to come. A Few weeks, it would be a huge plot twist. In different weeks, it might be one thing delicate. Either manner, we ’re going to wreck the hell out of it. Welcome to the Westworld Spoilers Club.

Within The construct-up to Westworld ’s 2nd season, HBO and the show ’s creators had been extremely precise about what data they shared prior to time, and whilst. Surprises are part of what makes the display tick on per week-to-week foundation, so the promotional dance is set a lot more than simply hyping large moments. It ’s about environment the degree and priming the target audience ’s expectations — even supposing that is in and of itself a misdirect.

one of the issues teased on the finish of the first season was once the life of a second park, with the initials “SW” discovered as its brand. Earlier this 12 months, the display ’s viral advertising found out the identify of that new park: Shogun World. With promotional clips offering quick glimpses of Maeve (Thandie Newton) wearing a kimono, it seemed all however sure that Westworld wouldn ’t just be bringing audiences to this new vacation spot, but that Shogun International may in fact play a significant position within the new season.

It seems it wouldn ’t even be the primary new park audiences would get to look.


the large screen?

The season ’s 3rd episode, “Virtù e Fortuna,” opens with an image unlike the rest within the series: peacocks. The birds, the encompassing structure, and particularly the tune selection — a sitar-heavy quilt of The White Stripes ’ “Seven Nation Military” from composer Ramin Djawadi — temporarily make it transparent that this isn ’t a few undiscovered corner of Westworld, and it ’s now not part of Shogun International, either. It ’s a special park altogether, one that turns out fascinated by recreating the revel in of hunting in India sometime around the turn of the 19th century while the country used to be beneath British rule. It is going unnamed within the episode, but according to the show ’s websites the park is simply called The Raj. (Credit to Westworld ’s tireless Reddit enthusiasts, considered one of whom predicted this very display months in the past after discovering a few unusual proof buried deep throughout the display ’s web pages.)

This isn ’t Shogun World

An unnamed man (Neil Jackson, listed as “Nicholas” on the episode ’s IMDB page), strikes up a flirtatious dialog with a disinterested girl (Katja Herbers; “Grace” on IMDB). After an odd bit of foreplay (extra on that later), the 2 spends the night in combination, and the next day head out on safari to seek bengal tigers.

when they succeed in their first prevent, Grace straight away notices something ’s awry. There are no new hosts waiting to are inclined to their each want, and soon she and Nicholas uncover two murdered guests in a nearby tent. Nicholas thinks it ’s merely a few new twist in the park ’s journey, but Grace is aware of higher. That ’s when one in every of their courses mutters “These violent delights have violent ends,” and hastily kills Nicholas with a rifle.

Grace is able to kill the host and make a run for it, however soon she ’s being stalked by one in all the Bengal tigers her safari had set out to seek. She makes her way past the outer perimeter of the park, throughout a few sort of laser fencing that it kind of feels should forestall the pursuing tiger in its tracks. however the synthetic beast crosses the barrier without hesitation, cornering Grace on a cliff with an unlimited frame of water waiting underneath her. She tries to get her gun loaded in time to take a shot on the creature — and that ’s when the tiger charges.

What does it mean?

the opening scenes deliver so much of threads together in no time. the first episode of the season, mentioned that “Park 6” used to be the Delos vacation spot with Bengal tigers, so the controversy of tiger-looking establishes in no time which park The Raj in reality is. (For reference, Westworld is Park 1, at the same time as Shogun International is Park 2.) The scenes additionally appear to be set right through an overly explicit time-frame. Whilst Nicholas And Charm first meet, the hosts are useful and all is peaceful. but if The Raj ’s hosts are capable of kill guests the following day, it suggests that the safari attack happens the morning after Dolores killed Dr. Ford and the robot revolution began — and that the uprising extends throughout all Delos homes.

The Bengal tiger assault, and the creature ’s talent to cross the fringe laser fencing, also turns out to indicate that no matter what agency hosts have attained as part of their grand awakening also extends to artificial animals. It ’s a quick pay-off to the thriller of the dead bengal tiger discovered in the season optimum — and it turns out the tiger wasn ’t the one factor that washed ashore in Westworld, both. Toward the top of “Virtù e Fortuna,” Grace ends up on the seaside, where she is rapidly captured through a member of Ghost Nation.


Converting the sport

Within The ultimate moments of “Virtù e Fortuna,” Maeve, Lee Sizemore (Simon Quarterman), and the remainder in their traveling partners do in spite of everything come upon Shogun International. It ’s a artful reveal, with the episode ’s in advance detour into The Raj turning the predicted appearance of Shogun World back into a marvel. However in phrases of actual narrative ramifications, the implications of Park 6 seem straightforward: Delos ’ parks duvet all kinds of various eras, and the robot uprising is affecting the hosts and animals in every and each one.

What seems extra vital is the girl who survives the tiger attack and finally ends up in Westworld: Grace. Early within the episode, the display dives into some relatively explicit sides of her character. Whilst Nicholas is seducing her, she expresses transparent disdain for hosts, which seems ordinary at first as a result of she ’s clearly fairly accustomed to the park. Her enmity toward hosts is so severe that she won ’t continue kissing Nicholas until he ’s confirmed he ’s human — by way of letting her shoot him.

Since they ’re in a Delos park, and it ’s before the “Journey Into Evening” narrative sent everything to hell, the gun can ’t fatally wound him. nevertheless it does harm and depart a mark, but that turns out to be a part of the purpose for Grace. She doesn ’t want to sleep with one thing that is programmed to need her; she desires to sleep with any person who authentically does, in their personal loose will. She doesn ’t appear in the fictional attract of the robot hosts at all; she turns out to wish — as every other acquainted personality might placed it — one thing true. Couple that with a fleeting revelation approximately what she turns out to be in search of within the Raj, and apparently there may be quite slightly to be explored with the mysterious Grace.


Prior To she and Nicholas discover the murdered guests of their camp, Grace consults a hand-drawn map in a e book that she includes. It details the park ’s topography: mountains, lakes, and timber. but the map additionally has a few marks that seem like doorways — or, in all probability, the hidden elevators that technicians use to easily pop in and out of the underground Delos tunnel gadget. There ’s additionally a large symbol on the map, interlocking hexagons that glance virtually similar to the symbol found in the mystery drone host facility that Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) and Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson) visited earlier this season.

Grace doesn ’t just seem to be a widespread customer to Delos parks. She turns out to know concerning the company ’s perfect-guarded secrets and techniques — and if the map is any indication, she ’s on a mission to see them for herself.

Update Might 7th, 9:26AM ET: Included the right kind identify of Park 6.


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