Netflix ’s Aggretsuko has a stunning lesson about love
Netflix ’s Aggretsuko has a stunning lesson about love

Netflix ’s Aggretsuko has already proved to be more than a cute animated display capitalizing on the popularity of Sanrio ’s all-too-relatable purple panda, Retsuko. She ’s the brand new and advanced millennial Hello Kitty, a 25-12 months-vintage working girl struggling with sexism and microaggressions via loss of life steel karaoke. Retsuko is the display ’s heroine, discovering herself and finding out to combat back towards sexist cultures, however some other persona seems as a sad determine illustrating a formidable lesson in regards to the pitfalls of romance.

within the latter half of the season, Retsuko meets Resasuke, a crimson panda from her place of business. around the place of job, he ’s picked up the nickname of “House Cadet” for being an airhead. He runs into doorways. He bumbles basic tasks at his job. He misses his educate forestall and is past due to paintings as a result of he ’s too busy daydreaming. Whilst the two finish up on the related table at a singles mixer, Resasuke is so quiet, Retsuko can ’t even hear him. They business numbers and chat over text, even if they ’re sitting throughout from one another.

Retsuko falls exhausting for Resasuke, but, predictably, the connection doesn ’t closing. Eventually, she cranks out a loss of life steel karaoke ballad wherein she confesses she loves to scream and sing and thinks he ’s terribly bland. They get a divorce.

The display takes steps to offer Resasuke as a inconsiderate weirdo, the type of guy who splatters spaghetti in all places his face even as he eats and will ’t be at hand over his jacket while Retsuko is cold. His co-workers treat him like furniture, a filler friend they use once they need some other body or any individual to tease. In Spite Of his lack of passion in dating at all, his bro-y co-worker pushes him into it, hard that he is taking steps to “seal the deal” with Retsuko, whilst Resasuke quietly wonders aloud why he wishes a girlfriend at all. Even Retsuko ’s friends brush aside him in keeping with a picture on my own, remarking, “there may be nothing cool approximately this man.”

But the place Aggretsuko could have pushed aside Resasuke as a one-note personality and a funny story concerning the blinding energy of infatuation, its final look at him gives a quietly devastating hint at his life. After the breakup, Resasuke returns to his tiny apartment. “I ’m again,” he tells a room stuffed with lush, neatly-cared-for plants. His inattentiveness to Retsuko is not, in fact, correct to his whole character; it ’s simply true of his interest in a relationship. Resasuke is a strange duck, but he ’s by no means introduced himself as the rest. Retsuko reimagined him, swooning over a delusion version of him as a deep-voiced, glowing-eyed hunk. In her visions, even his mole movements right into a more attractive position.

Love isn ’t about blinding us to each other ’s faults, however accepting them. Infatuation rearranges quirks into adorable conduct, but true love cements them as endearing traits that include a incorrect, multifaceted being. in the end, Aggretsuko ’s lesson in love is an all-too-necessary one: occasionally we fall in love with the theory of a person, in place of the people themselves.


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