Inventory pictures of scientists display that technological know-how is usually approximately staring
Inventory pictures of scientists display that technological know-how is usually approximately staring

Technology is usually about white other folks staring, frequently at coloured drinks, but additionally every so often at chickens and grass — at least, in keeping with inventory pictures. So real scientists on Twitter are posting their favourite representation fails with the hashtag #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob.

the whole thing began while Nicole Paulk, a biochemistry and biophysics professor on the School of California, San Francisco, used to be engaged on a presentation. “i was trying to find stock pictures that aren ’t too stuffy and more practical, that don ’t show us with tweed jackets and elbow patches,” she says.

As A Substitute, she discovered a scientist peering deeply at a chunk of dry ice. “nobody at the planet, even a dry ice scientist, would ever do that,” she says — so she tweeted it. seems, there are so much more photos where this got here from. So technology blogger and former chemist Yvette d ’Entremont got here up with the hashtag, #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob.

And friends, there ’s a lot of staring. and also some rock nuzzling. It gets bizarre.

This stock image of a scientist is HELPFUL. I too continuously find myself analyzing each nugget of dry ice one through one. Can by no means be too careful

— Nicole K. Paulk (@Nicole_Paulk) April 24, 2018

‘What the f*ck is that this? ’ certainly one of the key questions biologists like me attempt to resolution on a regular basis by way of staring intensely at coloured drinks #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob

— Erin Williams (@DrErinWill) April 25, 2018

I FEEL any individual put something within the seminar cookies.#BadStockPhotosOfMyJob

— Layla Katiraee (@BioChicaGMO) April 28, 2018

Cleanup within the biosafety stage FOUR lab, please.

Freehand pour Very Dangerous Blue Liquid (VDBL) from a beaker into tiny tube in a rack you grasp with your different hand. #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob
Mandatory eye and respiration coverage, because VDBL.

— Kate Adamala (@KateAdamala) April 25, 2018

Don ’t blink, or the rooster wins.


— Janine Bruce (@CakeOfTheWeek) April 30, 2018

Geologists ’ mystery rock-nuzzling method, discovered.

Helpful how one can establish minerals in the box. step one: Rub your face in opposition to it. Step : contemplate your long run life in combination. #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob

— Philip Staudigel (@Carbonateman) April 25, 2018

In The Event You can ’t figure out what the chemical is after touching it together with your naked skin — neatly, it is advisable at all times sip it. (Don ’t. don’t do that.)

Given That this is now something ‍ #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob @UDMChemClub

— Danielle Maxwell (@Danielle_Maxwel) April 25, 2018

The hourglass is state of the artwork medical apparatus. no less than she ’s wearing her personal protective equipment to observe grass grow, right?

What may just she most likely be timing?!?!#BadStockPhotosOfMyJob

— Amy McCarthy (@mommymccarthy) April 25, 2018

In technology, you may have to make use of all of your senses:

As a plant pathologist, I ’ll never forget my first illness diagnosis. There ’s one thing so magical approximately hearing those roots. #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob @plantdisease @Nangreg @psuPPEM

— Alyssa Collins (@PACropDoc) April 26, 2018


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