Linksys is now promoting a cheaper model of its Velop mesh router
Linksys is now promoting a cheaper model of its Velop mesh router

A 12 months after the launch of its Velop mesh router device, Linksys is back with a smaller, inexpensive fashion, with one massive catch: it ’s slower, too.

the brand new Velop devices, first introduced in January, are available to preorder lately with sales starting Might fifteenth and will be offered in a single-, -, and three-packs, for $129, $199, and $299. That ’s so much inexpensive than the old fashions, which value $200, $350, and $450 for those self same amounts. as it ’s a mesh system, which uses multiple router units operating together to blanket a house with Wi-Fi protection, you ’ll possibly want no less than two.

There ’s one considerable difference among the inexpensive and more expensive fashions. The inexpensive fashions are dual-band routers, that means they broadcast wireless networks, while the more expensive fashions are tri-band, in order that they broadcast three. That 3rd band isn ’t strictly essential — it ’s only used in order that the routers can relay knowledge between each other. But having a devoted router-to-router communications band can allow for quicker speeds.

how many bands do you want?

That mentioned, depending on the dimensions of your house, what number of units you ’re connecting, and what you ’re doing with them, you may not need that additional velocity. So it ’s totally imaginable that a dual-band fashion will likely be just tremendous and save you so much of cash. the dual-band routers strengthen the newest Wi-Fi standard (802.11ac Wave 2), and so they can be used along the tri-band models. They ’ll simplest be available in white at launch, however a black version will launch this summer.

Mesh router methods have been starting off over the prior few years, and now on the subject of individuals are entering into on them. Netgear took the same manner as Linksys, beginning with huge tri-band models and later liberating less expensive twin-band models. But most companies have long past straight to less expensive twin-band models, including Eero — that is in point of fact the space ’s pioneer — and Google, with Google Wifi.


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