Westworld ’s contemporary episode unearths what the park was actually constructed for
Westworld ’s contemporary episode unearths what the park was actually constructed for

HBO ’s technological know-how fiction drama Westworld isn ’t simply recognized for its proficient solid and philosophical musings in regards to the nature of reality. It ’s additionally develop into famous for its unearths, from mind-bending bombshells that hyperlink characters to simple items of backstory that bring new perception to a storyline. Observing Westworld is like peeling an onion one layer at a time.

That ’s why for the show ’s second season, I ’ll be diving into one particular spoilery revelation from each episode to work out what it manner, how we got here, and the place issues may move in the episodes to return. A Few weeks, it will be a huge plot twist; different weeks, it could be one thing delicate. Both means, we ’re going to wreck the hell out of it. Welcome to the Westworld Spoilers Club.

The season 2 premiere of HBO ’s Westworld was a flurry, catching audiences up on the display ’s many characters and laying the basis for what’s going to undoubtedly be the primary storylines of the brand new season. It was once a lot to soak up, with perhaps probably the most spoilery moment of all the episode being the initial point out of The Door. No Matter What that is, it ’s a part of a brand new game designed just for The Man in Black, consistent with a kid-host who seemed to be delivering a message from the late Dr. Robert Ford.

But in the 2d episode of the season, “Reunion,” collection creators Lisa Pleasure and Jonathan Nolan lean into the backstory of the park: the title of the preliminary project, how it used to be pitched to investors, and whilst it used to be pitched to traders. It ’s the sort of detail-wealthy mythology that fanatics have hungered for, however has prior to now most effective been hinted at in casual, throwaway references, or in shadowy moments of personality backstory. but the episode additionally goes one step further. It was once dependent in the first season that the Delos board of administrators saw the park as serving a greater serve as, beyond simply being an adults-best Wild West subject park. “Reunion” addresses that secret function — and it turns out a familiar persona is chargeable for it.

the big screen?

The backstory revelations are threaded inside the episode, starting with Arnold chatting with Dolores someday in the previous. (In Short, a center-elderly model of Dr. Ford is seen in a reflection.) Arnold tells Ford that Dolores isn ’t able for a few unnamed adventure, after which takes her out for a stroll, revealing they ’re now not in a park or within a Delos facility in any respect.

Delos first invested in the park in our modern

Later in the episode, the display cuts to Logan and William, placing out in a bar doing some business-minded glad-handing — which in Logan ’s case equates with looking to select any individual up. William retires for the night time, and a mysterious man named Akecheta (Fargo ’s Zahn McClarnon) strategies Logan, whom he addresses as “Mr. Delos.” The host Angela (Talulah Riley) is with Akecheta, however Logan doesn ’t seem to recognize her or realize she ’s a number. The mysterious businessman tells Logan he ’s from something referred to as the Argos Initiative, and that he ’s there to talk approximately Delos making an investment in their project. “Do you’ve got any thought what number of startups are begging me for my money presently?” Logan asks. “AI, VR, AR…”

THE LINE casually provides up an actual time frame for when the scene is happening. Artificial intelligence, digital truth, and augmented reality are technologies of the moment lately, in 2018, making it all too clear that within the show, Logan is being pitched in our modern technology. (The tidbit confirms information that Reddit customers noticed in a promotional video closing year, which placed the yr of the host uprising as 2052.)

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Logan is then led into what he to start with assumes is a cocktail party — until it dawns on him that every unmarried particular person within the room is actually a number, together with Akecheta himself. Given the dress Angela is wearing in the scene, it turns into obtrusive that this demonstration was the event that Arnold felt Dolores wasn ’t in a position for within the first scene, however the demonstration goes off perfectly with out her: Logan is flabbergasted.

The scenes well determine how Delos, Inc. ended up in the Westworld industry, however the large revelation in fact comes later within the episode. The scene opens up in Sweetwater, the place the normal, scripted interaction of Teddy returning a dropped can to Dolores starts enjoying out again, until all the hosts suddenly freeze. A helicopter lands, and none as opposed to company founder — and Logan ’s father — James Delos (Peter Mullan) will get out. He examines the hosts, with the younger model of William (Jimmi Simpson) with him.

William sees the lengthy-term attainable of the park

“You were proper about something, William,” Delos says while examining Dolores up shut. “It ’s tremendously fucking beautiful.” The remark establishes that the scene is taking place someday after the seek advice from William and Logan made to the park within the first season, but as amusing as Westworld is also, Delos isn ’t serious about making an investment in the park for far longer. “I don ’t want to underwrite some investment banker ’s voyage of self-discovery,” he tells William. “That ’s now not a industry.”

But William sees the bigger possible here, noting that Delos, Inc. spends half of its advertising budget on understanding what its customers in truth need, because other folks often don ’t realize themselves. “However right here, they ’re unfastened,” Williams says. “No One ’s staring at. Nobody ’s judging. at least that ’s what we tell them. this is the only place within the world where you get to look folks for who they honestly are.”

What does it mean?

There, in a single bold pitch to his boss, William lays out what will ultimately change into the true reason why Westworld, Shogun Global, and all the different Delos parks exist. It ’s the explanation why Bernard noticed a drone host logging DNA samples and reminiscences from a downed host within the season gold standard. And it ’s definitely why Charlotte Hale is attempting so desperately to smuggle out the park ’s intellectual property in Peter Abernathy ’s head.

Westworld is a data collection software, documenting other people at the same time as they act as their pure, most unfiltered selves. It ’s Google or Fb, spilling out into the bodily world — only Westworld and its sibling parks even have an additional benefit. they have got video footage and DNA proof of people doing things they wouldn ’t want any one within the outdoor international to ever learn about.

Converting the sport

There appear to be two main things occurring here. The backstory of the park is obviously tied to the backstory of the person in Black himself, and the scene of William pitching Delos on the park ’s potential obviously articulates why he could eventually transform a self-defined “titan of industry.” His first trip to Westworld allowed him to discover his more true, darker self, and the man who emerged had no qualms about the usage of the park for essentially the most cynical, business purpose conceivable. It ’s the younger Guy in Black infecting the purity of the sector that Ford and Arnold Weber anticipated with his personal foul corruption, setting up a scrumptious irony, given that later in his lifestyles, the man in Black becomes obsessed with a “truth” he ’s convinced the park holds.

Delos parks had been secretly collecting data on guests for 30 years

But at the subject of the actual agenda of the parks themselves, the episode ’s revelations lift questions that the display will almost definitely need to engage. For 30 years, Delos parks had been secretly accumulating information on their visitors. How is that data being used? Have visitors been blackmailed, extorted, or differently had the information in their journeys used towards them as futuristic, Wild West kompromat? And what might the corporate consequences be if the life of the sort of undertaking used to be made public? given that Bernard was not giving proper get admission to to the drone host lab, it sort of feels obtrusive that best folks at the perfect ranges are conscious about the knowledge collection initiative, with non-networked hosts used within the facility to help reduce at the chance of leaks.

Given all that, Peter Abernathy — and the knowledge he ’s carrying in his head — becomes much more than just a moving plot software. he’s slightly literally the future of Delos, Inc. itself. Must he fall into the incorrect hands, with the knowledge collection initiative made public, it will take down all the company. It ’s a well timed storyline, coming right at the time that on-line services like Fb are dealing with more public scrutiny than ever. And for sure that ’s exactly what Joy and Nolan are aiming for.


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