Shure makes its superb electrostatic earphones a slightly cheaper at $1,999
Shure makes its superb electrostatic earphones a slightly cheaper at $1,999

A yr in the past, I reviewed the $2,999 Shure KSE1500 earphones and declared them a fantastic technological feat with a sound that ’s mainly unattainable to acquire anyplace else. Well, there ’s now a extra possible model of the similar, with Shure pronouncing the $1,999 KSE1200, which eschew the virtual signal processor (DSP) and ship best with an accompanying amplifier. that allows the company to slice a third off the unique audiophile earphones ’ value at the same time as nonetheless holding the claim to best-in-elegance status.

the reality is that Shure ’s electrostatic earphones win the prize of highest in their elegance by default: no person else is doing anything else as ambitious as this. The KSE1500s had been an entire personal tune listening device — one the place you plugged on your telephone or different digital instrument and Shure ’s hardware handled the conversion and amplification of the sound to make sure a constant stage of quality. With the simplified KSE1200, you ’ll want your own DSP, that you ’ll most probably have already got constructed into your media participant of selection. this is both a requirement and an opportunity to have sound more suited to your tastes. I didn ’t for my part benefit from the cool tonality of the original 1500 processing, however with the 1200 model i’ve more keep an eye on over how the music is processed and will thus download a warmer sound.

in fact, for many other folks this is of simply theoretical pastime, given the eye-watering price ticket. However we shouldn ’t discount the reality that Shure ’s out-of-this-global earphones are actually a 3rd cheaper. Each producer of super top class products like this seems to recognize the will to sooner or later simplify and produce them into a more consumer-orientated market. In recent occasions, Audeze has done so with its excellent LCD2 Vintage headphones — a revised version of its former flagship cans — and Haselblad has trickled down its tremendous high-end tech with the X1D medium-structure digicam.


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