Google autocomplete and YouTube algorithm are spoiling the new God of Battle
Google autocomplete and YouTube algorithm are spoiling the new God of Battle

IN THE EVENT YOU ’re taking a look ahead to enjoying the new God of Struggle, a phrase of advice: be additional cautious round Google or YouTube, that are by chance spoiling top plot points of the game thru rogue algorithms.

With Out going into explicit details (considering that I ’d love to avoid leaving you to the mercy of those related spoilers), even typing in words as apparently innocuous as a personality ’s name brings up massive spoilers for the top of God of Conflict as the first recommendation on Google search results. (We ’ve attempted this ourselves and it for sure works). And there are multiple Reddit threads complaining of comparable spoilers of boss fights or an important moments in the sport via steered YouTube videos.

Google really must hire a chief Autocomplete Spoiler Mitigation Officer. I just typed the name of a character from God of Struggle to look if he had a related historical/mythological counterpart & were given the similar of “Kaiser Soze… was Kevin Spacey the whole time.”

— Julian Sanchez (@normative) April 24, 2018

It ’s a difficult bind for players; the twists and turns of God of War ’s campaign are really best skilled in the narrative, nevertheless it ’s tough to avoid spoilers while Google and YouTube are serving them up to you on the slightest provocation. And satirically, it ’s the set of rules ’s personal layout to be helpful that most likely is affecting probably the most zealous lovers — if you happen to ’re anyone who had been observing trailers sooner than free up, you ’re almost certainly each the sort of person who ’d least need to look spoilers and but in all probability to get served them through YouTube.

It ’s not totally transparent what a very easy fix for this would be, both, in need of Google and YouTube taking Twitter person Julian Sanchez ’s advice and installing a spoiler monitor or any other filters to block out specific content. However for now, if you happen to ’re seeking to enjoy Kratos ’ journey with out spoilers, chances are you’ll need to stay off Google for now.


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