What ’s To Your Bag, Money Cash?
What ’s To Your Bag, Money Cash?

What ’s on your Bag? is a routine feature wherein we ask people to tell us just a little extra about their everyday gadgets by way of commencing their luggage and hearts to us. This week, we ’re that includes electronic tune trio Cash Money.

If there were a theme to the pieces in Money Cash ’s bag, it might be “all the time be ready.” It ’s the touring DJ ’s model of a Boy Scout ’s bag, and each tiny pocket is full of things which can be there for “simply in case” eventualities. whilst you ’re skipping to different towns a week, wearing earplugs, Emergen-C, Pedialyte, gummy nutrients, and Zicam isn ’t overkill; it ’s a way to outlive the cycle of overdue nights and early flights. in reality, lately, they ’ll be playing superstar-drenched pageant Coachella.

The trio, made up of brothers Jean Paul Makhlouf and Alex Makhlouf, besides as lifelong loved one Sam Frisch, has made their mark merging the worlds of electronic, pop, hip-hop, and tinges of rock. They ’ve labored with everybody from Nelly to Bebe Rexha, and are one in all the highest TWO HUNDRED so much streamed artists on Spotify worldwide. Their newest single, “Best Hour,” featuring Abir, is a future pop burn that leans as so much on tough, warbling synths because it does on Abir ’s dusky vocals.

this particular past due evening The Verge spends with Cash Cash is in their suite at Las Vegas ’ MGM Grand. They ’re taking part in at the lodge ’s club, Hakkasan, they usually have a couple of mins to spare ahead of sound take a look at. Dumping the contents onto the room ’s carpet, we comb in the course of the myriad of items tucked within. seems, there ’s a lot of tech, but in addition mementos, leisure options, and herbal well being remedies… such a lot of natural well being therapies.


Alex: Zicam is a miracle cure for everything. It ’ll reduce your cold in half.

JP: It ’s great for while you really feel such as you ’re approximately to fall ill. May as well take considered one of those at the moment! Additionally, you’ve gotten to have your gummy vitamins. i tried to get the blokes into the gummy vitamins, but they ’re now not into them.

Alex: I take them at house, but I don ’t to find the need to trip with them. i will live sooner or later with out vitamins.

JP: The Pedialyte is for the ones hungover mornings when you simply need that extra vitamin spice up.

Alex: It ’s the most productive!

JP: Most Probably going to begin including kava tea to the mix.

Sam: There ’s also Emergen-C. I take that a lot. It ’s considered one of those things like Zicam, I Assume. I take it while i think like I ’m getting in poor health. Infrequently when you ’re waking up at 5AM 5 days in a row and hopping on a aircraft all the time, it helps.

JP: an excessive amount of diet C makes me poop, so I stay away from that.

Sam: Earplugs, of course. wish to have earplugs for the displays and for the planes. They ’re very important. i feel they ’re just as important for the planes as they’re for the shows because… crying babies subsequent to you.

Alex: We All have the similar Cabeau neck pillow. It ’s really good. It ’s fabricated from reminiscence foam, and it has a flat again. It ’s the money Cash neck pillow for sure. You must get a neck pillow with a flat back so it lies flat in opposition to your seat on the plane.

JP: we have the guitar selections because you never understand whilst you ’re going to be in a situation where there ’s going to be a kumbaya singalong. All Of Us play guitar, and often we play at our presentations, too. Spotify gave us those picks, which we ’ve strangely held on to. On A Regular Basis, we lose our choices, but those at all times in finding their means right into a random jean pocket or the bottom of the backpack, so that they could be just right luck charms. Whilst it comes to guitars, it ’s Gibson the entire method.

Sam: The bag at the end has a number of camera equipment. There ’s a charger in there, a 2nd lens, the equipment lens that got here with it, a few additional batteries and stuff.


Sam: There ’s a 2015 MacBook Pro Retina 15-inch. It ’s stuck around and is protecting up pretty much. I ’ve taken it around the world the previous three years. We still produce on it and run the reside display via it. I haven ’t upgraded but as a result of i can ’t surrender the ports. i would like my ports! I additionally think it ’s still the best layout.

The Sennheiser HD25 headphones are forged. I mean, we ’ve used the ones from day one as our DJ headphones, and we’ve got a couple pairs. They ’re just about indestructible, they ’re loud, and they ’re easy to commute with. I even have the Beats X wi-fi earbuds because i’ve the iPhone X. I ’m an earbud particular person for some explanation why.

We use the Samsung portable cast-state exhausting drives for video modifying, picture backup, track backup, the whole lot. They ’re tiny, they weigh not anything, and they hang a terabyte. It ’s lovely unbelievable. and they ’re rapid. after we paintings on a consultation, we ’ll again up the whole lot in Dropbox and on those drives. Double it up.

We shoot with this Sony A6500 that has a ten thru 18mm lens — technically more like a 14mm as a result of the crop sensor — however it ’s a super digital camera. It ’s been so much of amusing to take it even as touring. Particularly in Asia, we took a ton of images. It ’s small, it does superb in low mild so it ’s nice for taking pictures at shows, and it takes excellent video. It ’s a nice all-around digicam.

JP: We rock the Sandmarc iPhone lenses to document all our social media content. they are via a long way the most efficient-high quality extensive-angle and fisheye lenses you can get for your telephone. They screw into the case so they’re all the time in the right position compared to the entire reasonable clip-on brands. they also don ’t document with any weird black jewelry or shadows. They care for the most productive in low mild settings like clubs and really come up with the closest thing to having a pro camera on you at all occasions.

Alex: i bought the Nintendo Switch online, and i have it because i spotted that i used to be pretty bored at the airplanes all of the time. The Transfer was out, and i was once like, “That thing ’s best possible for me.” So I Bought it. It ’s a good time. Zelda was once the primary sport I got for it, and that i played it from August till approximately December. It ’s a protracted game. There ’s a lot of shit to do! I just recently began taking part in Mario Odyssey. That ’s a visit.

JP: I nonetheless stay my Apple iPod Vintage 120GB in the backpack. From Time To Time you simply need to plug into the vintage iPod and get the ones vintage sounds.

Sam: Hi There, if it ’s not broken, don ’t repair it!

JP: It ’s got bootlegs you’ll be able to ’t in finding on Spotify, antique recordings. It ’s got great things on it! My phone is full of movies and pictures, so it ’s a fair option to stay things separate. It has older stuff and other rarities, issues you’ll be able to ’t in finding anymore, like reside albums and acoustic stuff. There are a few Jimmy Devour International B-facets on there which can be pretty A+.

Alex: Jimmy Devour Global demos… you are ridiculous.

Sam: You Want USB sticks as a DJ. we’ve got a ton more, actually, however i really like the Sandisk USB 3.0 ones. They ’re the fastest I ’ve discovered, via a ways. so that ’s all the time seize. i like the turn mechanism. the opposite one is a Pioneer USB we probably were given as a promo at one element, but it just about stays in my backpack. I all the time have a few random ones as backup. the bigger the USB stick, the easier. Otherwise, I ’ll simply lose them.

JP: So we were given the shit Mophie charger. The poop emoji. it works. You get about one charge out of it, so I Assume it ’s in reality a shit charger.


JP: considered one of the rings belonged to my grandpa. I inherited it and grew to become it into a pinky ring. It ’s roughly a fair success allure that rings a bell in my memory of what a strong dude he was. It makes me really feel like he ’s all the time got my back and helps me get thru stressful instances when I ’m clear of home for too lengthy or feeling drained and rundown. Additionally, you’ve to have the case for the Rolis (Rolexes). Offer Protection To the investment. Can ’t just scratch it up. There ’s not anything like a vintage Rolex watch. But one piece of recommendation: don ’t be an idiot and burn the primary chunk of cash you’re making on a fancy, pricey watch. The watch comes fourth. You get a roof over your head, a suite of wheels, some safety finances for later, then deal with your self to a pleasing watch to reward your exertions.

Sam: The brown pockets has my passport in it. I destroyed my previous passport so i used to be like, “i actually must installed a wallet.” It simply were given all bent up as a result of i used to be retaining it in my pocket, and jackets, and sitting on it. in order that ’s only for my passport, and the black Saint Laurent one is my exact wallet. It was a Hanukkah reward. Affordable sun shades. I lose shades the entire time so I gave up on buying great shades. If I Purchase $15–$20 ones, then I don ’t must fear about them.

JP: We ’ve were given the gold PBA (Police Benevolent Association) cards over there, which can be like get out of prison loose cards. It principally says, “I ’m a member of the family of a detective or a police officer.” One time, our excursion bus were given pulled over, and there has been weed everywhere as a result of a few of the roadies have been smoking. I showed the police the cardboard, and they let us off. I haven ’t gotten a price tag due to the fact I ’ve had them, and i get pulled over a lot for dumb such things as making a left hand flip whilst you ’re no longer speculated to.

Sam: it really works very best in the New Jersey / New York tri-state space, however a few police officers recognize it around the country.

JP: Yeah. One time we were in Arizona and a man stated, “What the hell do you’re thinking that that is?” and threw it right again at me. however it ’s gotten me out of bother with such things as a bar fight. If the cop ’s interviewing you to work out who ’s proper and who ’s wrong, you show them the card, and so they would possibly sway their opinion toward you.


Sam: The bag is an Ogio bag. It ’s no doubt not essentially the most horny-having a look bag, nevertheless it holds the whole lot, the group is awesome, and it has a specialized pc compartment that ’s additional protected and has stored my ass a ton of times. It also has a strap where you’ll placed it on a suitcase. I threw a number of additional zipper pulls on it to make it somewhat more straightforward to get into everything. i take advantage of all of the pockets, too. The USB sticks and hard drives cross in these little front ones, earbuds in the top pocket. The Whole Lot is organized.

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