Wikipedia has delivered web page previews for easier surfing
Wikipedia has delivered web page previews for easier surfing

Wikipedia added a useful new feature earlier this week: web page previews. The Wikimedia Basis says that it ’s “one in all the biggest changes to personal computer Wikipedia made in recent years,” and gives readers with a pop-up window that gives a bit of additional context for the article in the back of the hyperlink.

Studying through any Wikipedia web page can develop into a rabbit hole that can take you to places you by no means expected. That exploration will also be a amusing, informative journey, but it surely too can be a distraction — particularly if the article you click isn ’t in reality useful. the brand new web page previews show an image and a pair of sentences that in short describe the item while you hover your mouse over the link, providing just a little extra context for you to make your mind up whether or no longer you need to click the hyperlink. Clicking on the pop-up will take you to the article in question, and when you move the mouse away, it vanishes.

Wikimedia says that it ’s conducted extensive A/B testing to boost the characteristic, and found that almost all users didn ’t disable the function, that “each and every reader is interacting with the content material of extra pages even as navigating the positioning,” and that the site ’s general page views have long past down as a end result. that looks to intend that users are discovering the tips on the ones pop-ups useful, permitting them to have interaction with more information, all at the same time as closing on fewer pages.


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