A Theranos employee made a crude Area Invaders clone that includes the journalist who ended in its downfall
A Theranos employee made a crude Area Invaders clone that includes the journalist who ended in its downfall

Blood-checking out startup Theranos is circling the drain, and more and extra main points seem to be leaking from throughout the company ’s final stricken days. One specifically eye-popping anecdote, courtesy of Wall Street Magazine reporter John Carreyrou, found out how one Theranos worker made a space Invaders clone that includes a photograph of Carreyrou himself because the titular alien danger, culled from his Twitter profile.

Carreyrou is a -time Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist whose series of damning stories approximately Theranos leadership and its non-functioning generation instantly led to the company ’s fall from grace. Carreyrou ’s e-book at the saga, titled Dangerous Blood: Secrets And Techniques and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup, is due out on Would Possibly twenty first. It ’s also these days within the works to be adapted into a Hollywood movie starring Jennifer Lawrence.

Remaining month, as a result of Carreyrou ’s and others ’ reporting over the course of more than years, CEO Elizabeth Holmes was once charged via the SEC with defrauding investors. In Advance this week, the company laid off a majority of its remaining workers.

Sadly, the distance Invaders anecdote didn ’t make it into Carreyrou ’s guide:

Simply discovered of a invaluable anecdote (so too past due to include it within the e book): At an organization birthday celebration, Theranos staff played a video game modeled after Atari’s House Invaders: The gun used to be the miniLab, the bullets the nanotainers and the invader being shot at: Yours Actually!

— John Carreyrou (@JohnCarreyrou) April 12, 2018

We do, alternatively, have a screenshot of the sport, which appears quite crude and is seemingly called “Haters ’ gonna hate”:

Area Invaders, Theranos Version! pic.twitter.com/gOeUNqASBU

— John Carreyrou (@JohnCarreyrou) April 13, 2018

The black gun at the backside is the miniLab and the other breed of invader in pink is the Zika virus! https://t.co/PtaYMIu49l

— John Carreyrou (@JohnCarreyrou) April THIRTEEN, 2018

Carreyrou says he’s going to get to in the end play it:

He ’s going to ship me a copy of the game and that i ’m going to play it! I liked Area Invaders growing up. https://t.co/PtaYMIu49l

— John Carreyrou (@JohnCarreyrou) April THIRTEEN, 2018

Carreyrou went on to explain that the game used to be no longer sanctioned via Theranos management, however that the employee who made it did so as to learn the Python coding language “and try to cheer up my former co-staff.” It ’s transparent Carreyrou used to be not a popular figure inside of the corporate. according to journalist Nick Bilton ’s account of ways Carreyrou ’s initial collection of investigating experiences kicked off a cascade of troubling revelations approximately the corporate, Theranos employees once reportedly chanted, “Fuck you, Carreyrou,” at an all-fingers assembly in October of 2015.

So he used to be clearly onto something, and now Carreyrou ’s paintings will likely be immortalized not only via his personal book and the possible Hollywood model, however in a nasty Area Invaders clone besides.


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