The Strolling Useless Villain Watch season 8, episode 15: Value
The Strolling Useless Villain Watch season 8, episode 15: Value

The Walking Dead is again and careening toward the realization of the “All Out Struggle” saga. That Implies the tip of the feud among Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and his arch-nemesis Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) — and perhaps that ’s a good factor. General, the show ’s big wager on Negan has been a little of a misfire, with ratings hitting brilliant lows ultimate year, and Negan himself in large part absent from the first half the display ’s eighth season.

But a season-finishing climax is a chance to deliver all of the threads together, so in these ultimate weeks I ’ll be examining the display thru its presentation of Negan: how he acts, how he delivers his jokes and threats, and most importantly, how his character develops by contrast to our supposedly virtuous heroes. We ’ll look at all the traits a villain is supposed to excel at — including the ones we detest — and boil it down into one single score on what we’re calling the Neganometer™. A score of 10 manner he ’s the most productive, most complicated villain we ’ve ever seen; a ranking of 0 method he ’s just about the similar ol ’ Negan he ’s all the time been. With A Bit Of Luck, in these final episodes, The Strolling Lifeless can flip Negan into the large unhealthy audiences have at all times sought after.

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With the Saviors saga slated to end with next week ’s season finale, it seems like The Walking Lifeless is at the cusp of pulling off a unique narrative flourish that might in reality strengthen upon its comic guide counterpart. all of it comes right down to Dwight, whose double-agent standing has put him in the position of being able to influence who wins the war, and Eugene, whose bullet-making prowess just might give Negan the threshold.

Negan, Dwight, and Eugene are possibly the most necessary characters within the comic ’s “All Out War” arc, and the display has saved the overall gist in their motivations, allegiances, and trajectories intact. But final evening ’s episode, “Value,” changes issues. thanks to Simon — a personality unique to the show — and some pivotal adjustments to Negan and Dwight ’s arcs, TELEVISION audience are becoming a storyline that feels richer and extra unpredictable than what played out in Robert Kirkman ’s comic. It makes “Value” some other sturdy episode that are meant to have diehard comic lovers 2d guessing the whole lot they think might happen in the eventual finale.

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Removing the bullets

“Price” choices up right where last week ’s episode left off, with a teary-eyed Rick going over the letter Carl left behind for him, as actor Chandler Riggs reads it in a voice-over. The letter itself encompasses a string of reminiscences Carl recalls earlier than the viral outbreak, and the way he desires Judith to develop up in a world like that. Rick can help form that global if he does the best thing, Carl hopes. it seems like Rick had to visit the worst conceivable extremes — killing those Saviors in chilly blood in final week ’s episode — to come again in this street to redemption. but it ’s nonetheless now not clear that he ’s absolutely arrived at Carl ’s worldview, or that Negan and the Saviors may also provide him an opportunity to turn mercy or compromise.

Over at the Sanctuary, Daryl and Rosita placed into motion their plan to cut off the Saviors ’ bullet supply through taking pictures Eugene. it sort of feels to start with like a brilliant good fortune, with Rosita calling out Eugene ’s cowardice in venomous fashion, and describing how the Hilltop plans to maintain him locked underground until the warfare is over. But Eugene manages to damage loose via forcing himself to vomit, which is in some way a extra traumatic on-screen visible than any decay-ridden corpse. Eugene gets away, putting a snappy end to a scene that gave the impression designed only to provide some secondary characters monitor time. It ’s easy to put in writing off any collection with Eugene as a package deal of inexpensive stereotypes, circuitous discussion, and painful appearing, however he does constitute considered one of the few characters on the show that turns out to realistically act in his personal self-pastime — something that you ’d believe would be extra common in the Strolling Useless.

Regardless, Eugene ’s capture does preface Negan ’s return to the Sanctuary, where he retakes command from Simon and, in an extremely annoying trade, lets him live in spite of his obtrusive and flagrant disobedience. Negan informs the Saviors that the plan has now shifted, and the Hilltop must be exterminated, further convincing Simon that his approach of considering is the right kind method and that ’s he safe from Negan ’s wrath. at the surface, Simon ’s forgiveness and Negan ’s arrival felt disjointed and anticlimactic, as though The Walking Dead had simply spoiled its best show-specific plotline,placing its characters right back the place they began. However, in a behind-closed-doors dialog among Simon and Dwight, it ’s revealed that a coup in opposition to Negan is within the works, putting in a true showdown for the episode ’s 2nd half.

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Simon ’s unfortunate coup

Issues come to a head quickly, as Simon enlists Dwight in his plan to overthrow Negan later that very same day. Unfortunately for Simon. Dwight is eager to turn out his allegiance to the Saviors ’ boss in order to throw off any suspicions that he ’s the secret mole. So when Simon makes his move, pulling guns on Negan with a small staff of co-conspirators, Negan reveals that he ’s recognized about the treachery all along way to Dwight. All of Simon ’s men are gunned down at the spot. But Simon calls for a possibility to end up himself in entrance of all of the team with a hand-to-hand fight against Negan.

It ’s an odd request. Wouldn ’t a savvy chief like Negan simply finish a traitor then and there? But as a conversation in advance within the episode revealed, the two have a sophisticated history. Negan all the time thought Simon used to be too competitive and violent even for their team. It was him, now not Negan, that orchestrated the murder of the entire males and boys from the Oceanside neighborhood, the reason the all-feminine survivors no longer accept as true with someone. Negan felt it was his role to rein Simon in, and use his cruelty and sadism toward more efficient ends. Given their past, Negan consents to sq. off in a combat for the fitting to lead the Sanctuary into struggle.

Unfortunately, it ’s lovely clear to any viewer how the scene pans out earlier than the battle even begins. Simon will get in a couple of good hits, but Negan directly overpowers him and strangles the person to dying in entrance of an entire crowd of Saviors. It puts an finish to actor Steven Ogg ’s implausible run as one in every of the show ’s funniest and so much well-written villains up to now, and it ’s unhappy to look Simon pass. Ogg ’s on-reveal presence was once a vibrant spot in what was regularly an differently boring solid of nameless and thinly written unhealthy guys. Unfortunately, Simon was once by no means going to survive this particular narrative arc, particularly not after he openly crossed Negan.

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Planning the wonder

Simon ’s demise units into movement a number of important plot developments. Dwight, petrified that he ’ll now not be able to honor his maintain the Hilltop and take out Negan, sends Gregory on a undertaking to deliver Negan ’s deliberate whereabouts the next day to Rick and Maggie. Dwight effectively thinks he can end the bigger war by sending Negan directly right into a entice, and Gregory — whose allegiances shift extra fluidly than even Eugene — is excited to oblige. In The Meantime, Eugene makes his way back to the bullet factory, where he puts a still-captive Gabriel to work on the line and informs the team that they ’ll be running time beyond regulation to satisfy Negan ’s new, extra challenging munitions request.

the large twist happens while Dwight opens the door to his personal quarters only to find a marvel visitor: Laura, who witnessed Dwight turning his gun on his fellow Saviors back in the mid-season finale. It ’s here that Negan ’s grasp plan becomes apparent. Negan knew Dwight might turn on Simon to save lots of his personal skin, and he additionally knew that Dwight could feed data to Gregory so as to put a trap. So Negan set a entice of his own, feeding Dwight the fake data with the desire that it would get passed along to Rick. The state of affairs wasn ’t hard to see coming, not with the tease from last week through which Negan picked up a mysterious stranger that wasn ’t brazenly known, however it ’s nevertheless a far-needed departure from the comics.

within the comics, Negan ’s fatal mistake is trusting Dwight to have infected Rick with an arrow, best to seek out out that Rick has been alive the whole time. That one assumption ends up prime virtually on to Negan ’s downfall in the supply subject matter. However here on the display, Negan is much more cunning, and is now poised to wipe out Rick and the rest of the Hilltop, all of whom think they ’re those acting the sneak assault. It ’s an incredible twist that puts all the fate of the show on the line in a way that doesn ’t really feel telegraphed or predictable. after all, we all know Rick most probably gained ’t die, however the whole thing else is up in the air.

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Carl ’s dying want

“Price” closes out with Michonne and Negan talking over walkie-talkies. Michonne, her faith in Carl unwavering whilst the boy ’s dad seems torn to pieces, thinks Carl ’s letter to Negan may influence their enemy, simply as Carl hoped it might push his father to take a special path. She reads it into the microphone, as Carl ’s phrases call out Negan ’s motivations, and question why he feels the need to be who he is and do what he does. Negan turns out unphased. He tells Michonne that the time for mercy and forgiveness has handed, and he pledges to spoil all of them.

Connecting Negan, now as in thrall to vengeance as Rick was once in closing week ’s episode, along with his enemy through Carl ’s letters is a powerful second. The Strolling Lifeless hasn ’t at all times identified the best technique to boost either persona, however viewing them both during the eyes of Carl proves to be the magic bullet. In Carl ’s thoughts, both are robust leaders of their personal means, and each are redeemable, no matter what they ’ve done. Their fates will be decided by means of how they each interpret his words, and whether the show ’s universe treats the emotions as sensible or foolhardy.

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Comparing the villain:

Brutishness: We Know Negan could by no means have taken the Sanctuary and assumed overall power over a gaggle of savage, violent survivors in the post-apocalypse if he couldn ’t reliably hang his personal. So it got here as no wonder to peer Negan easily defeat Simon in bodily combat, without the help of his trusty baseball bat. Although it will have most likely been much less hazardous not to bother accepting Simon ’s problem, it made for a fittingly brutal end to Negan ’s most defiant lieutenant.

Cunning: Negan ’s talent to play chess while his fighters are stuck at the checkerboard has change into his so much defining quality. He displayed that during spades in “Worth,” outsmarting Simon, Dwight, and Rick in equal degree, and laying a entice that would win him the warfare.

Cruelty: Negan ’s more sadistic side has been in hiding for slightly a while; he hasn ’t burned someone ’s face with a hot iron or bashed in any individual ’s skull this entire half-season. However that doesn ’t imply that he ’s long gone cushy. His strangling of Simon and his pledge to Michonne to kill each final considered one of his enemies illustrate that violence is a tool he ’s happy to wield in bombastic fashion if it achieves his final goal, regardless of the ache it reasons others.

Negan-o-meter™ ranking: 9 out of 10

Transferring the needle:

Negan as a character has in spite of everything risen to the level of complexity that viewers deserve. Though his motivations nonetheless really feel rather nebulous — he turns out to dance between vengeance, the ability shuttle, and a real protect his other folks — Negan ’s shifting attitudes towards violence and his pragmatic solution to downside-solving have grew to become him into the most formidable and relatable villain the show has ever had. It took some time to get there: nearly 32 episodes ’ value of tv wherein the writers often struggled to put Negan on the reveal in any respect. But as a fixture of nearly each and every episode of the back half of season EIGHT, the display and his personality have improved immensely. The idiotic obsession with dick jokes and profanity has been changed through a deeper exploration of Negan ’s distinctive god complex and the features of that makes him other than, and very similar to, Rick Grimes.

What we’d like now is a end to be able to make this multi-season trek value it. The display ’s rankings might never get better, and no collection can stay at the best eternally, especially now not after 8 years. but if The Walking Lifeless is to gracefully age into its final or three seasons with a character like Negan alive and in the combine, it needs audience to each love and hate him in equivalent degree. Viewers need to imagine that whatever occurs to Negan next week will have deep lasting effects for Rick as a pacesetter and a father, but additionally for Maggie as the widow of Glenn, and for every other character who ’s bled within the warfare they ’ve fought. There may also be no part-measures or cliffhangers with Negan ’s destiny. If there ’s ever been a time to be as declarative and definitive as imaginable, it ’s with this season ’s finale. the long run of the show relies on it.


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