Justin Timberlake leads a tech keynote in 2028 within the video for Filthy
Justin Timberlake leads a tech keynote in 2028 within the video for Filthy

EVERY WEEK, a slew of latest track movies hits the web. Watching them at your table isn’t time theft since you deserve it; bring to mind it as a pleasing praise for surviving some other paintings week. However what if you don ’t have time to look at every video — perhaps you will have a deadline, a hungry pet, or different grown-up concerns. In consideration of your agenda, Lizzie and Kaitlyn convey you a chain called One Video. Each week we ’ll inform you “one video” you wish to have to watch, why, and for a way lengthy.

This Week ’s Video: “Filthy” via Justin Timberlake

Lizzie: In Advance this week, Justin Timberlake introduced his first album in four years, titled Man in the Woods. the news was once met with a lot of Bon Iver jokes, because Justin Vernon owns the thematic idea of the woods as musical notion, and look at this album artwork:


Sadly for Bon Iver fans, and for lovers of that SNL skit, JT ’s new track “Filthy” sounds nothing like Justin Vernon or any of his snowy, pine-scented facet tasks.

Kaitlyn: I don ’t in particular care in regards to the happiness of Bon Iver fanatics, or pine scents after January 1st, but I do love surprises. We selected this video for you this week because Justin Timberlake, amid many sins of artwork and commerce and facial muscle groups, surprised us through freeing, no longer a tribute to flannel and all its glory, however a strange clip set in 2028 at a few roughly robotics conference. The woods? I don ’t see ‘em, buddy.

We additionally selected it since the starting of January is a time when many people aren’t freeing new tune movies, so the options have been restricted, and because, if you consider it, had been 2028 to be the 12 months of vaguely hectic dancing robots and that ’s it — pretty good! i locate it laborious to imagine that robots don’t seem to be already in a position to a lot more and far worse, but I ’ll are living in this fable for a moment with you.

who is Justin Timberlake?

Lizzie: Justin Timberlake is a Mouseketeer-grew to become-pop-celebrity-grew to become-actor-grew to become-comedian-grew to become-pop-megastar. He performed a chef obsessed with uncooked greens within the Lonely Island film Popstar. He was also in the film Trolls.

Justin ’s now not recognized for having lots of his personal concepts, so on this video he ’s channeling Steve Jobs with an Adidas sponsorship.

Kaitlyn: Something I ’ll by no means relatively be aware approximately Steve Jobs is why such a lot of dude pop stars are tremendous into him. I didn ’t understand it approximately Justin Timberlake sooner than as of late, but he ’s now not on my own, and Steve Jobs is also a massive source of concept — or no less than repeated reference — for Probability the Rapper, Bono, Kanye West, the Brockhampton boys, and Jay Z.

This Is unrelated, however he also impressed the A-plot of a season FIVE episode of Bravo ’s Vanderpump Laws, during which Stassi Schroeder went in a scorching bathtub in the Hamptons in a turtleneck bathing suit and a boy who was once trying to flirt with her stated she gave the look of Steve Jobs. They didn’t kiss! Justin Timberlake ’s wife Jessica Biel owns a restaurant in La located very near the restaurant Vanderpump Rules is ready in. Hers is named Au Fudge, this means that, “the fudge,” and the one in Vanderpump Laws is named SUR: Eating Place and Lounge, which means that “Horny Unique Restaurant: Restaurant and Living Room.”

What ’s different approximately “Filthy” through Justin Timberlake:

Lizzie: The video for “Filthy” is the general scene of a narrative a few wealthy and lonely tech CEO who invents a slim and uninteresting robot in a position to dancing to anything else. Justin ’s persona proves this by way of forcing the robot to bounce to “Filthy,” which most commonly appears like chewing metal while paying attention to an vintage Justin Timberlake song. in the finish, we ’re left with an important message: the robot is extra actual than all of us.


Kaitlyn: To me, this video is unique as it looks as if it cost more money than i will ever even be capable of conceive of in my existence, and what we got in change was once a number of long minutes of Justin Timberlake and a robotic dancing to a song that seems like the Disney Channel TV movie version of Hedwig and the Indignant Inch.

It’s different, in the event you have a God advanced, to have the power to make a robotic mimic your every transfer with out a improvisation, then kick a football ball at an blameless bystander ’s head. It Is unique that in 2028, a lady ’s place at a tech keynote is “dressed in one thing glossy, dancing for newshounds and builders.”

It’s different that, regardless that this video is about Justin Timberlake attaining his final form as “Steve Jobs if he had pounded a 5-Hour Energy and 14 Pixie Sticks for each meal of his lifestyles,” the entire factor gives off a distinct Android vibe. in fact, 20 seconds into my first viewing of this video, an onlooker mentioned to me, “Justin Timberlake certainly has an Android phone,” and that i couldn ’t disagree.

How long everyone should watch “Filthy” via Justin Timberlake:

Lizzie: It feels flawed to inform somebody to look at the whole thing of a keynote presentation until they ’re getting paid for it, however i guess you would like to a minimum of watch the precise second the robot turns into a sex icon, around the four-minute mark.


Kaitlyn: i like the top section the place Justin realizes he’s a hologram and his arms start to disappear.


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