Astronauts onboard the ISS will watch Celebrity Wars: The Ultimate Jedi, confirms NASA
Astronauts onboard the ISS will watch Celebrity Wars: The Ultimate Jedi, confirms NASA

Big Name Wars: The Closing Jedi hits cinemas across the international this week, however it ’ll even be appearing in a single extremely suitable venue off-planet: the Global Space Station.

Astronauts will probably be able to watch the new Megastar Wars in orbit a few hundred miles above the surface of the Earth the usage of considered one of the laptops or projector onboard the gap station. House reporter Robin Seemangal tweeted the inside track closing night, with a spokesperson for NASA confirming the plans to Inverse.

“I can make sure the crew will probably be capable of watch it on orbit,” NASA Public Affairs Officer Dan Huot told Inverse. “Don ’t have a definitive timeline but. they sometimes get films as virtual recordsdata and can play them again on a laptop or an ordinary projector that is currently aboard.”

Observing movies onboard the ISS isn’t unusual, and the distance station is stocked with an intensive virtual library of more than 500 titles, together with classics and more recent hits. (As you ’d expect, there ’s a number of sci-fi — from Aliens to 2001: An Area Odyssey.) Astronauts can watch movies on their days off, even as they ’re working out on the station ’s treadmill, or simply right through movie nights, as astronaut Scott Kelly showed in 2015:

#Movie night in micro #Gravity aboard #ISS on our new HD projector which we use for conferences, tech software, and so forth..

— Scott Kelly (@StationCDRKelly) April 25, 2015

Just keep in mind that: we don ’t know while The Closing Jedi can be appearing onboard the ISS, and as a few astronauts are common Twitter users, permit ’s attempt to stay those spoilers to a minimal.

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