This silent coffee grinder will keep your ears and break your caffeine addiction
This silent coffee grinder will keep your ears and break your caffeine addiction

Mornings are laborious for a caffeine addict. The headaches and grumpiness are bad enough, however you then have to deal with the noise of the grinder before you get the anti-migraine juice you so desperately crave.

This silent coffee grinder makes use of a hand grinder and a strong motor to grind coffee slowly and quietly. It connects to the web, so that you can set it to run mechanically or run it out of your phone. you’ll even set it to grind much less and no more coffee over the years, imperceptibly reducing your caffeine intake till you ’re back to more tolerable ranges of dependence, or breaking the coffee habit solely.

the best phase? you’ll construct it yourself! take a look at the directions below. If you’ve got questions on the build or are looking for more hacks, find me on Twitter at @christinesunu or check out


Motor Controller (like this one) Motor (I used a 12V, 10RPM motor) Motor Adapter with Set Screw Hario Skerton Ceramic Espresso Mill 3D Published Parts, available right here #6 ⅜ Inch Flat Head Screws (x4) 4-40 ½ Inch Flat Head Screws (x4) Breadboard MOSFET (I used a 30N06L) Particle Electron Jumper Wires Alligator Clip Jumper Wire Barrel Jack Cable Connector Plug 12V Power Provide Electric Tape

Aspect be aware: This Is a no-solder challenge supposed to paintings with a couple of 3D-published portions. I ’m recently engaged on something a little bit extra tough, for those of you who need more solder and steel. in case you ’re , get in contact!

Construct It!

Get your prints began. (this may occasionally take some time.)

in the intervening time, set up your Electron using the tutorials within the Particle Docs. Copy and flash this firmware on your Electron.

Reduce an alligator clip cord in part and strip the ends. Screw one alligator clip into the + terminal and the opposite into the – terminal of the MOTOR terminals of the motor controller.

Screw a male-male jumper wire into the – terminal of the facility IN terminal of the motor controller. Screw a unique cord into the + terminal.

in case you had been to clip the alligator ends up in the motor now and plug the jumper wires into power and ground, it’s worthwhile to activate the motor by means of clicking the button. while you click the button, it sends a signal to the motor controller to turn on. We ’re going to “hack” into the button, cutting the signal to the motor controller and sending our own signal instead. To do this, we ’ll need to make it possible for us to plug the pink cord connecting to the button into the breadboard.

In Finding the crimson cord resulting in the button. Cut it in part and strip the ends. Minimize a jumper twine in half and strip the ones ends to boot. Splice in a male header at the end of the cord leading again to the display. Splice the other male header onto the top of the twine leading again to the button. you can do this without solder through twisting the ends in combination and wrapping them with electrical tape.

Cord up your portions like this:

Now it is time to upgrade our hand grinder. Get your 3D printed parts and blank off any helps. Totally dismantle your grinder into those pieces:

Screw the motor into the lid the use of your four FOUR-FORTY system screws.

Protected your motor adapter in your motor, sandwiching the lid among the motor and adapter. make sure that the flat facet of the adapter is exposed, and that the motor ’s turbine is flush with the end of the adapter.

Safe the printed barrel to the motor adapter, using your four #6 screws.

In Finding the metal prongs from your grinder. Positioned them into the broadcast barrel, prongs facing out. Safe this part the usage of the half-circle inserts for the barrel grinder.

Screw the burr grinder into the top of the funnel. Fill with coffee.

Moderately set and screw down the lid.

Screw the entire equipment onto the jar.

Clip your alligator leads onto the motor and turn it on. you’ll induce the grinder through clicking the button manually, or by triggering the grinder the usage of functions on-line. Modify the potentiometer to the bottom percentage at which it will still grind.

feel free to encase your electronics in attention-grabbing enclosures!

Now you ’re able to grind espresso silently!

Lowering your caffeine consumption

you can modification the volume of coffee your grinder makes every day by means of changing the `grindTimeList` variable. To time table your coffee every week, amendment this checklist to mirror the choice of minutes your bot should grind on a daily basis, beginning with Monday. Then, re-flash the code on your Electron.

you’ll also change the time your espresso grinder goes off by means of converting the `coffeeHour` variable, which is a weekly time table maintaining track of whilst the grinder should go off. Don ’t put out of your mind to set `timezone` in your time zone ’s UTC offset.

if you prefer to use Google Calendar to induce your grinder, set up an account on IFTTT. set up an applet like this one:

this may allow you to grind espresso up to 45 minutes sooner than any “coffeebot” calendar appointment. The collection of mins it’s going to grind must be placed within the experience ’s description:

Satisfied caffeining!


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