Twitter broke the only little bit of pleasure I ’ve present in its Android app, but you'll get it back
Twitter broke the only little bit of pleasure I ’ve present in its Android app, but you'll get it back

Twitter made a product determination today to “streamline” its Android app. Twitter wouldn ’t know a great, monetizeable, cheerful function if it hit it in the face. And That I ’ve spent the last couple of years hitting Twitter in the face with this feature in what has became out to be a useless effort to maintain it from being pulled. I ’m talking about Highlights, the best part of the Twitter experience on Android.

As part of our persevered paintings to streamline the Twitter for Android app revel in, Highlights will now be to be had by way of push notifications and throughout the Notifications tab.

— Twitter Fortify (@TwitterSupport) December 19, 2017

Because It was (basically) Android-best and buried in the facet menu, i would like to provide an explanation for Highlights on every occasion I speak about it. So right here goes: it ’s a facet-swiping listing of tweets and links, selected by an algorithm, in keeping with the best stuff from the people you observe. It ’s a short lived, fast list of fashionable tweets and links from the folk you observe, that allows you to trap up on what you overlooked.

In a global the place so much of my main Twitter timeline is additionally awash in the Outrage Of The Instant, Twitter Highlights has been a unprecedented success of the promise of social media: it introduced pleasant issues that I care about from people that I care about, in a format that used to be quick and straightforward to digest.

in place of construct on it, Twitter went and turned it into another factor you ’ll miss in your Notifications tab. (it is also available on iOS as a random notification.) And that ’s only a shame, as a result of this immersive, horizontal-swipe layout could have been Twitter ’s “Tale” layout, designed to compete with Instagram and Snapchat. It ’s a lot like Twitter Moments, however constructed with an set of rules and with none of the convoluted UI required to build a Second.

Twitter could have constructed on it, accelerated on it, and (sure) positioned ads on it. As A Substitute, Twitter simply buried it. you already know how Stories will let you really feel such as you ’ve caught up on what your folks are doing on Instagram or Snapchat? Highlights used to be that, but for Twitter.

Twitter just killed my favourite characteristic. this is horrific.

RIP the only Twitter function that made me feel the joy of catching up on what my buddies care approximately.

You idiots. You jerks.

— Dieter Bohn (@backlon) December 20, 2017

All isn’t lost, on the other hand! Highlights nonetheless exist in the Twitter app, however there ’s not a link to get to them in the sidebar. Samuel Maskell, a former senior engineer at the Android notifications crew at Twitter, has taken it upon himself to create a tiny little Android “app” that restores a quick hyperlink to Twitter Highlights. You click the app on the house monitor and it opens up the Twitter app straight away into Highlights.

Don’t thoughts me even as I shamelessly plug my app to someone studying the feedback in this tweet.

Easy solution to get highlights back ->

— Samta☃️Claus (@samuelmaskell) December 20, 2017

In an electronic mail, Maskell tells me that Highlighter is “actually 3 traces of code. The app simply opens the similar deep-link that the notification uses and then exits. rather than that, the one thing i have to mention is that i’m sorry for the unpleasant icon. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

At a few point, Twitter will more than likely kill this option altogether, so that it could commit more engineering resources to ignoring the problem of creating tweets editable. Until then, in case you ’re an Android consumer, I extremely recommend sticking Highligher to your house screen someplace, ugly icon and all.

Twitter Highlights recognize a while. They assist you to capture up on Twitter without asking you to maintain the primary feed ’s recent whims and rants. If Twitter have been any kind of smart, it could building up Highlights right into a Tale format that lives alongside your primary feed as opposed to often mucking round with the order of tweets at the house tab.

But, as we have noticed time and time again over the earlier few years, Twitter is not any more or less smart.


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