How and where to switch your vintage, depreciated iPhone battery
How and where to switch your vintage, depreciated iPhone battery

Apple has confirmed that processors used in the iPhone 6, 7, and SE are intentionally bogged down by way of more moderen iOS updates to address growing older lithium-ion batteries. The change is supposed to reduce random shutdowns via throttling the telephone ’s CPU, however that also leads to slower efficiency. Even As the slower efficiency might persuade a few Apple users to modify over the most recent iPhone, there ’s a more cost-effective restore — simply transfer out the battery.

To first identify whether your battery is about for a change, you’ll test below the Battery settings. A small understand on the very most sensible will appear if your iPhone ’s battery is about for a change. once you ’re able to substitute the battery, you have two possible choices: doing it yourself and hiring someone else to do it.

Doing it yourself poses a host of risks — you void any remaining guaranty, and also you possibility breaking your phone. but when you ’d reasonably do it your self, there are numerous courses online, and the method is simpler than you could consider. It ’s also relatively cheaper to DIY.


For the ones ready to take on this process, you want to sparsely learn instructions clearly outlined in a number of YouTube tutorials and in this very in-depth explainer from iFixit. the process comes to unscrewing the back of the phone after which gently getting rid of metal plates, ahead of mildly heating up the phone with the lid back on so that the glue comes off the battery. Then, reverse the entire process to seal the new battery in.

For this technique, you ’ll want cellphone restore gear, which costs round $30. Some vendors on Amazon even sell iPhone battery replacement kits for this very purpose — such a lot hover round $25.99 for an iPhone 6 battery replacement equipment and $29.99 for an iPhone 7 equipment.

for those who do choose to do it yourself and you’ve got a waterproof telephone just like the iPhone 7 or the iPhone 7 Plus, be aware that your phone will no longer be water resistant after you ’ve opened it up.

Pay a qualified

For people who might relatively get another person to switch the battery and not possibility tampering with metal plates and glue, Apple provides replacements underneath several conditions, in step with its web page. if your iPhone is below guaranty or you may have AppleCare+ and Apple deems the battery faulty, maintenance are unfastened. But random shutdowns don ’t all the time depend as defective — Apple handiest considers it if your telephone isn ’t protecting enough charge. If it doesn ’t qualify, you ’ll need to pay a provider price of $SEVENTY NINE.

Apple is offering to exchange the battery at no cost for a restricted workforce of customers who bought an iPhone 6S synthetic among September and October of 2015 and are experiencing random telephone shutdowns. you’ll be able to check your serial quantity to see if you happen to ’re eligible right here, however you ’ll the device needs to be free of water damage and screen cracks.

you’ll either send in your telephone for upkeep or head to an Apple store. A physical retailer repair could both be completed in a single discuss with or, in more complicated instances, soak up to a few to 5 days, according to Apple. Transport it in will take somewhat longer, as you need to wait for Apple to send you a field to assemble your iPhone. If Apple replaces your battery for you, it’ll continue to be water-proof.

If all this doesn ’t work for you, your timeline, or your funds, there also are a number of third-birthday party carriers who offer repair products and services for iPhones in local neighborhoods. However their high quality — and whether or not they use sealing adhesive to keep up water resistance when getting rid of batteries of the iPhone 7 and seven Plus — varies by way of supplier, so always take a look at reviews and ask questions. Prices similarly vary from around $40 to $70 for the iPhone 6, 6s, 7, and seven Plus.


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