Volvo is reportedly scaling back its ambitious self-riding automobile experiment
Volvo is reportedly scaling back its ambitious self-riding automobile experiment

It ’s been awhile since we heard anything about Volvo ’s audacious experiment to ship ONE HUNDRED self-riding vehicles to regular other folks in Sweden for trying out. the program, known as Force Me, was once imagined to kick off in 2017, but now the corporate says it ’s pushing the date to 2021. Additionally, Volvo is scaling back the number of automobiles involved, in keeping with Car News.

Below the original plans first introduced in 2015, Volvo would deliver ONE HUNDRED of its XC90 SUVs to actual families in Sweden, followed via an identical choice of automobiles to households in China and the united kingdom. Those participants may test Volvo’s self sufficient automobile generation. The automobiles can be in a position to run in fully “unsupervised” autonomous mode on certain, pre-licensed and pre-mapped freeways in their respective communities. Volvo mentioned that drivers could be in a position to totally disengage from the driving procedure, as an alternative spending time studying a book or gazing a video. the automobile might pressure itself and handle any situation that might rise up on the roadway.

However now those households are going to must wait longer sooner than getting in the back of the wheel. in line with Automobile Information, Volvo is announcing 100 other people, no longer ONE HUNDRED automobiles, will likely be curious about the Power Me software inside the subsequent four years. And in preference to getting totally driverless, Level FOUR-in a position automobiles, the folk taking part in Drive Me will test the automobiles with the similar Stage 2 semi-self reliant assistance programs that are commercially to be had in Europe and the us.

“we’re discovering that there were more issues to dig into and resolve than we expected.”

“on the adventure, a few of the questions that we idea had been in reality difficult to reply to have been responded much quicker than we anticipated. And in some areas, we’re finding that there have been extra issues to dig into and solve than we expected,” Marcus Rothoff, Volvo ’s autonomous driving software director, advised Car News Europe.

On The time, Volvo ’s way to self sustaining testing stood by contrast to its rival automakers. Corporations like Tesla, GM, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi have just begun to promote automobiles with extremely automated, Stage 2 and three features, at the same time as those which might be working on higher levels of autonomy, like Alphabet ’s Waymo, are excited about geofenced, trip-hailing projects. Volvo ’s ambition to put regular folks in the back of the wheel of its self-driving cars for experimental purposes seemed gutsy on one level, and maybe a bit foolish looking back.

Volvo executives say they’re still tweaking the electrical structure that underpins its self-driving machine. Earlier this yr, the Swedish carmaker said it would be teaming up with Autoliv (a Swedish-American company that makes car protection techniques) to boost the mandatory tool, even as a partnership with chipmaker Nvidia will supply the computing power.

Now that Volvo is taking a extra measured manner, the company says it may scale up slowly at the same time as tracking the way its Drive Me households have interaction with varying ranges of autonomy. “The independent automobile must be the most secure car on the street,” Rothoff mentioned to Automobile Information. “However you don ’t just pay for it being the most secure. you need to understand it has a worth. The analysis helps us extract what this worth is.”

Participating families in Sweden received the first supply of XC90s this month, but handiest with semi-independent options, very similar to the ones lately available in manufacturing-ready Cadillacs and Teslas. in addition, the cars the families won are provided with cameras and different monitoring devices used to observe how they interact with the vehicle while the methods are in use. Sooner Or Later, the households will check automobiles with higher levels of automation, however in controlled environments equivalent to a take a look at monitor below supervision from Volvo safety professionals.


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