Trump management withdraws rule forcing airlines to reveal luggage fees
Trump management withdraws rule forcing airlines to reveal luggage fees

US airlines are not any longer required to disclose hidden baggage fees as quickly as other folks start the price ticket-buying procedure, the department of Transportation announced this week. the scoop coincides with Delta Air Strains ’ declaration that it ’s going to start out charging elementary economic system passengers luggage charges for flights after December 6th.

The DOT, in following with the Trump administration ’s basic disdain for Obama-era insurance policies, is chickening out the rule of thumb that requires airlines to reveal fees, pronouncing that they have got “limited public receive advantages,” as first pronounced by means of The Hill. The Obama administration proposed the guideline would supply higher transparency for airline consumers. The transfer drew harsh criticism from Democratic contributors of Congress, a few of whom referred to as it a “reckless reversal” the use of Trump ’s stance on executive legislation as a guise to present companies more leeway to abuse consumers.

Fantastic. Pulling the plug on rules that might make certain airways are open and honest approximately bag fees and other charges is about as anti-shopper because it gets.

— Richard Blumenthal (@SenBlumenthal) December EIGHT, 2017

The proposed rule might have forced all air carriers and price ticket sellers to show consumers all luggage charges at each and every aspect right through a purchase, including fees for checked luggage and elevate-ons. Delta prior to now allowed the first checked bag on flights to Europe at no cost, but so that they can now not apply for individuals who ride elementary economy.


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