Former Silicon Valley big name T.J. Miller is accused of sexual and bodily attack
Former Silicon Valley big name T.J. Miller is accused of sexual and bodily attack

Warning: this piece comprises extremely picture descriptions of sexual assault and/or violence.

Former Silicon Valley and The Emoji Movie Star T.J. Miller has been accused of sexually assaulting and punching a lady whilst in school. He denies the accusations, however others who attended college with him have come forward to corroborate the lady ’s story, even as extra women on social media have mentioned their own abusive stories about him.

An nameless girl going by the pseudonym Sarah advised The Day-To-Day Beast that she and Miller started off in a consensual dating whilst attending George Washington College in 2001, the place they joined the same comedy troupe. One night all through intercourse, she says Miller shook her violently and punched her within the mouth without a caution, causing a fractured tooth and a bloody lip. As A Result Of she had been consuming that evening, Sarah doesn ’t needless to say the incident in its entirety, however says the reminiscence of the violence itself is still clear. When she confronted Miller approximately it the next morning, he claimed that she had fallen down while under the influence of alcohol.

Even Though the incident was once unsettling, Sarah endured to look Miller, and says she was to start with in denial in regards to the incident. “I couldn ’t convey myself at the time to believe this had came about … It used to be me now not wanting it to be true.”

After her friends left, Miller persisted to sexually assault her

She also says that during a separate sexual incident throughout a college birthday celebration, Miller started to choke her so tightly that she made audible choking sounds, causing her housemates to knock on her door to ask if she used to be okay. They heard “banging, and loud, violent sounds,” in step with one in all them, and felt concerned. She brushed aside them at the door, either via pronouncing “I don ’t know” or indicating sure, in step with differing bills. After her friends left, she says Miller continued to sexually attack her via anally penetrating her with out her consent, both along with his penis and a beer bottle.

“He simply tried a lot of things without asking me, and at no point asked me if i used to be okay,” stated Sarah. Witnesses showed to The Daily Beast that she had bruises on her pores and skin the next morning.

She stopped seeing Miller afterwards, but did consult him another time, where he allegedly known as the abuse “a consider factor” and mentioned he thought she have been into it. Just About a 12 months later, Sarah says she raised accusations in regards to the incident to campus police, regardless that the school declined to comment, bringing up federal privateness laws. Other “knowledgable resources” instructed The Day By Day Beast that a scholar courtroom expelled Miller on account of it, albeit after he graduated in 2003.

Sarah made up our minds to speak up publicly after months of seeing the #MeToo motion roil the ranks of Hollywood and diverse different industries.

Miller strongly denied the accusations today in a joint commentary along with his wife, Kate Gorney, on Instagram. They claimed that Sarah “was asked to depart our university comedy crew because of worrisome and nerve-racking behavior” and alleged that she used to be fixated on their dating.

“we’re confident that a full consideration of bills from and since that time will shed gentle and readability on the precise nature of not just this particular person ’s character, but also at the real information of the matter,” reads the statement, that is attached to a photograph of the couple embracing.

But different girls have in view that accused Miller of verbally abusive and threatening behavior besides. Again in September, movie critic Danielle Solzman tweeted a transphobic e mail that she says anyone in the comedy circle sent to her, with the author ’s identify removed. Today, she announced that T.J. Miller were the writer. in the electronic mail Miller allegedly wrote, “You ’re now not a transgender, you ’re now not a tranny- your sic a fucking asshole daniel.”

Arkansas comic Lauren Ashley Bishop also affirmed Sarah ’s story on Twitter, and stated how Miller had threatened her in the previous even as she was once seeking a restraining order against her ex-partner, who used to be additionally Miller ’s family member. Miller allegedly had said he would damage her profession if she persevered to seek the restraining order, but she endured. “i do know this girl,” she wrote. “Imagine her.”

TJ known as the night earlier than my restraining order listening to with my abusive stalking ex who was his buddy. he threatened to ruin my career if i went via with it. i won the restraining order besides. i know this girl. imagine her.

— lauren ashley bishop (@sbellelauren) December 19, 2017


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