The hyperloop has a brand new world speed document: 240 mph
The hyperloop has a brand new world speed document: 240 mph

For the ones of you protecting out wish for yet one more top-velocity test of the hyperloop prior to the top of the yr, you ’re in luck. On December fifteenth, Virgin Hyperloop One performed the 3rd demonstration of its not-to-scale machine within the wasteland outside of Las Vegas, sending its magnetically levitating pod through an almost airless tube at 240 mph (387 km/h).

It used to be a significant increase over the group ’s earlier document of 192 mph, but a ways lower than the hyperloop ’s theoretical most speed of SEVEN-HUNDRED mph. the company believes it would need an extra 2,000 meters (1.2 miles) of monitor to hit that pace. because it stands, the XP-1 pod ’s maximum viable speed in the present 1,620-foot DevLoop test observe is 250 mph.

lower than the theoretical most speed of SEVEN-HUNDRED mph

It was a bit of of excellent information for the company, which has just experienced an incredible rebranding and management shake-up. The Day Past, it used to be said that co-founder and chairman Shervin Pishevar is out, way to allegations of sexual assault and misconduct (which Pishevar denies), and Virgin Staff co-founder Richard Branson is in. Branson additionally helped secure a new $50 million investment from present traders, which sources say may also help the cash-strapped corporate help meet its payroll tasks.

Possibly extra necessary than the speed of the XP-1 pod used to be the demonstration of the crew ’s new airlock era. in order to acquire the top speeds first theorized in Elon Musk ’s 2013 white paper, the hyperloop pod must commute through a close to-vacuum state. This frictionless surroundings allows the magnetically levitating pod to go back and forth at airliner-speeds throughout the duration of the tube. The airlock will be a key think about transferring pods with passengers or shipment among atmospheric states.

in step with Virgin Hyperloop One:

All components of the device have been effectively examined together with the airlock, highly environment friendly electric motor, advanced controls and power electronics, custom magnetic levitation and steerage, pod suspension, and the vacuum. The assessments had been performed in a tube depressurized down to the equivalent air pressure experienced at 200,000 feet above sea level. A Virgin Hyperloop One pod quickly lifts above the track the usage of magnetic levitation and glides at airline speeds for lengthy distances as a result of ultra-low aerodynamic drag.

the ability to take care of a vacuum in the tube, particularly one loads of miles long, is one in all the steepest challenges facing the hyperloop. on every occasion a pod arrives at a station, it has to slow down and stop. Then the airlock may have to close, pressurize, and open once more. Then the pod has to clear the airlock prior to the next pod arrives. the velocity through which this occurs will decide the distance among pods.

one among the steepest demanding situations facing the hyperloop

The longer the headway, the less capability these pods will have, which can determine how helpful a mass transit machine the hyperloop can also be. Operators can attempt to compensate by means of construction larger pods, but then they ’ll need stronger metal for their tubes to deal with the delivered weight, and that spells higher prices.

Virgin Hyperloop One ’s velocity document won’t stand for lengthy. it is most effective fairly more than the 220 mph notched by Musk ’s personal Tesla-branded pod again in August on the conclusion of the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition in Hawthorne, California. The Student group from Germany ’s WARR Hyperloop, took home the highest prize in the festival for its pod which traveled 201 mph.

Musk ’s take a look at observe, that’s 1.2 kilometers (0.75 miles) is just a little longer than Virgin Hyperloop One ’s DevLoop. but it surely seems most likely that whichever company builds a longer monitor might be the only that in the end will get to gloat about speed.


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