Taylor Fast ’s new app stole my emoji thought and hours of my lifestyles
Taylor Fast ’s new app stole my emoji thought and hours of my lifestyles

The Rapid Existence, Taylor Quick ’s new social networking app, is based totally on simple concepts. the first is that her fanatics pass balls-to-the-wall bonkers each time Taylor “notices” them on social media via blessing them with a like, proportion, or comment. As a hardcore devotee who has just about interacted with the pop famous person a grand general of three instances over the course of a decade, i will confirm this obsession as reality; a couple of years ago, whilst she retweeted my reward for Ryan Adams ’ complete-album quilt of 1989, I had the moment immortalized in needlepoint.

Which brings me to the second idea: Taylor ’s diehard fans are, as her “long record of ex-fanatics” could all name her, insane — they obsessively select apart and parse her phrases, and they ’ll do absolutely anything to get onto their idol ’s radar. Why else could we obtain one more social app? As A Result Of Taylor told us to, in fact.

and since for the prior 12 months, Rapid fans haven ’t heard just about enough from Taylor on social media — keep for on Tumblr, a in large part fan-pushed platform where she will be able to reblog fan artwork and touch upon lyrical theories and inside of jokes with out inciting the wrath she incessantly encounters on other social websites. To a lesser degree, she ’s active on Instagram; within the weeks prime as much as the release of her recent album, Popularity, Taylor occasionally commented on fans ’ Halloween costumes and popped into their livestreams.

The Swift Life Photo: Glu

Basically, The Speedy Life combines the whole thing Taylor likes about those platforms (the fanatics, the memes, the emoji) and will get rid of everything she doesn ’t. (Drama, which she swears she doesn ’t love, it just loves her.) Then it throws in a complete bunch of cartoon cats for good degree. She launched the app within the US on her birthday, December thirteenth, and it ’s lately to be had for iPhone and iPad; Google Play is coming “soon.” (Sorry, Android customers, but taking into account Taylor as soon as voluntarily face-planted on a treadmill for Apple, you probably should ’ve noticed that one coming.)

As a part of the target demographic for this app, as any individual who ’s spent most of the previous week solely ignoring My Actual Life in desire of dwelling The Fast Existence, i will be able to share that the app is relatively to majorly addicting for serious Taylor fans. it is not, on the other hand, for informal listeners. Honestly, it ’s probably not meant for you unless at some element on your existence, you ’ve opened Instagram and thought, “you know what ’d be cool? If actually each photo in my feed used to be of Taylor Rapid.”

TSL is the most recent launch from Glu, the company chargeable for Kim Kardashian: Hollywood and Katy Perry Pop. (Sarcastically, those two stars are TSwift ’s alleged nemeses. But to be fair, I ’d fortuitously paintings with my enemy ’s business spouse too, if it intended i’d make $40 million in three months flat.) Not Like each the ones apps, though, TSL isn ’t a game — no longer precisely. It ’s extra of a photo-sharing social community that simply occurs to feature ranks to climb and virtual currency to gather — all with the ultimate objective of getting spotted by the real, actual-life Taylor Swift, who every now and then interacts with enthusiasts in the course of the app.

Taylor Fast is a type of tremendous-consumer on the site: anything she double-faucets will get a middle-shaped “Taylor Like” decal and a place on Taylor ’s personal Swift Life photograph feed. However the ones stickers aren ’t easy to come by means of. on the day I downloaded the app, round 2,500 lovers had already reviewed it, suggesting a wide person base was already in position, but there have been round 16 “Taylor Likes” overall. It wasn ’t an extremely promising ratio. every week later, there are closer to EIGHT,000 critiques… and approximately 20 overall likes from Taylor. (Word that I ’m now not including reshares here, because it ’s uncertain whether or not those come from Taylor, her control group Taylor Country, or the app ’s personal body of workers. “Taylor Country Like” and “The Speedy Lifelike” stickers also exist.)

The Swift Life Photograph: Glu

A Technique to extend the risk of Taylor seeing your post is to have other customers depart you “SwiftSends,” tiny paper airplane emojis just like the pendants she and Harry Types wore once they dated. The capture is that the app allots customers treasured few of these in the first place, and it takes for-freaking-ever to earn extra. so that you in point of fact must make your posts stand out so as to get SwiftSends from the remaining of the neighborhood. Illustrations, collages, and transferring personal stories seem to amass those quickest.

Unfortunately, I possess the painting skills of your average 5-12 months-antique, so i made up my mind to share a photo of myself on the “Look What You Made Me Do” throne from closing month ’s Popularity pop-up keep as a substitute. This were given more likes on TSL than it did on my Instagram feed — however unfortunately, handiest two SwiftSends. ! So Much for Taylor ever seeing it. the second picture I shared, of my “Glance What You Made Me Do” Halloween dress (for which I braved the terrifying Times Square Toys R Us flagship in order to search out a filled snake), did not earn a unmarried SwiftSend. And whilst i tried to shout out The Verge ’s sister site Racked to a pleasant commenter who asked the place I worked (I ’d presented myself as “a writer/editor from NYC”), I gained a warning message a couple of hours later — most likely for the reason that app concept i used to be dropping junk mail hyperlinks.

The Swift Life Photograph: Glu

Puzzled, I paused on posting content material and induce to assemble Taymoji as a substitute. Fast aside right here: Again in June 2016, I wrote a work for Racked pondering why Taylor didn ’t have her own customized emoji set but, à los angeles Justin Bieber ’s Justmoji and Amber Rose ’s MuvaMoji. I even enlisted Curbed ’s Michelle Goldchain to design a few examples of possible “Taymoji.” because of this, I ’m going to select to believe that Taylor reads Racked and that I play a very important position in all her trade-choice-making processes. and likewise that perhaps I deserve upgraded seats at subsequent summer season ’s Reputation excursion or one thing.

how many Taylor Swift-themed emoji could possibly exist in this, the 12 months of our Lord 2017? Loads, and right here ’s why: 29 of Taylor ’s hit singles every have an entire eight-piece Taymoji “pack” associated with them. Each of the tiny cartoons is encouraged by a Taylor lyric or music video second — so within the “Blank Space” pack, for example, you ’ll discover a tiny Taylor on horseback and a bleeding, middle-shaped cake. (Unfortunately, she didn ’t turn her mascara-streaked sob-face right into a Taymoji, as Michelle and i instructed remaining year). The “Shake It Off” pack, in the meantime, includes a little boombox and a tutu-clad Taylor busting some dorky movements. (The latter could ’ve simply been impressed by way of the Taymoji we designed of Taylor dancing awkwardly at the ACM Awards. Again, just sayin ’!)

Anyway, one method to get Taymoji is by way of liking other customers ’ photos; on every occasion you double-faucet, you ’re rewarded with a silver, bouncing song observe. Sounds stupid, but it ’s an incredibly efficient Pavlovian technique, and i in fact were given grumpy when I appreciated a few common pictures on Instagram and nothing took place. (If I ’m gonna like any the ones actually identical photos of your new baby, I deserve one thing in go back!)

Accumulate sufficient song notes, and you ’ll “unencumber” new Taymoji, which you can stay, or put up on other people ’s photos. in the beginning, i used to be tempted to hoard all of the Taymoji I ’d earned for myself, because they ’re cute, and that i am egocentric. But I briefly discovered that only by way of giving for free my Taymoji may I earn extra fans and likes of my very own. Clearly, Taylor has read Marcus Pfister ’s The Rainbow Fish, the award-profitable children ’s e-book about the significance of sharing!

The Swift Life Photo: Glu

Amassing Taymoji and interacting with different fans and their content material possibly is helping you level up, even if the precise rules for advancement in the app are murky. when you first obtain TSL, you begin out as a Rookie, but you’ll ascend via four ranks: Fan, Tremendous Fan, Swiftie, and Tremendous Swiftie. (Slightly annoying, due to the fact in case you download and use an app trustworthy solely to Taylor Fast, you might be, by way of definition, already a super Swiftie.)

at first, it ’s simple to climb the ranks; by my 2d day the use of the app, I ’d already graduated to Fan standing. However my momentum quickly slowed. A Couple Of days and hundreds of likes later, I haven ’t made a lot additional development — and a couple of well-which means Reddit courses attempting to break down the app ’s unusually complicated economy left me much more confused. (It Sounds As If there also are stars involved?! From the conversations occurring around this app, it ’s clear I ’m not the only one struggling to parse how the entire different in-game currencies have interaction.)

And right here ’s where TSL ’s unfastened-to-obtain, pay-to-strengthen setup comes into play; enthusiasts should buy bundles of guitar choices — the app ’s most dear form of forex — to help them stage up faster. Having read a variety of horror stories about Kim Kardashian: Hollywood customers who unintentionally spent loads of bucks at the game, I obsessively checked my bank card balance whilst the usage of The Swift Lifestyles, in periodic fits of economic paranoia. (Because honestly, between merch, tune downloads, and Popularity tour tickets, this woman ’s already claimed sufficient of my cash in 2017.) Happily, no surprise $ONE HUNDRED charges but!

folks who like to earn picks with out draining their wallets can watch short video advertisements for 10 choices in line with view, however you ’re simplest allowed to do this five times in a 24-hour period. (Sad information for the ones folks who watched Taylor eat cookie dough masses of instances for a greater shot at tour tickets.) the only other approach to get them is through leveling up — which, again, takes a protracted-ass time, and it ’s now not completely transparent the way it happens. Wager I ’ll just keep liking and leaving Taymoji on my favourite posts — most commonly watercolors, Star Wars mashups, and the rest defending internet neutrality — within the hopes of climbing the ranks the good antique-shaped unfastened means.

The Swift Life Picture: Glu

Besides apparently being the only way to degree up, there ’s another reason those guitar selections are so essential. They ’re the one method you’ll do absolutely the smartest thing in this entire app: Purchase cats. Specifically, tiny animated versions of Dr. Meredith Grey and Detective Olivia Benson, Taylor ’s own Scottish Folds. The cats make occasional cameos as you click across the app, but in case you purchase them, they ’ll permanently purr, nap, and pad around for your profile page. they also it sounds as if help you get extra Taymoji — however in truth, I just want them as a result of they ’re freaking cute. So lovable, in fact, that the primary time they marvel-crawled throughout my telephone display, I emitted an odd guttural noise loud enough to wake my napping boyfriend. (It used to be 1 a.m. Due To The Fact I downloaded TSL, my bedtime has drifted later each and every night.) However in truth, who in her Neopet-loving mind could resist this stuff?

The Swift Life Picture: Glu

I Am Getting that it ’s dumb. I additionally get that i could cough up $22 and buy Meredith and Olivia proper this minute, and be done with it. However for now, the function of adopting those lively furballs without having to fork over any cash is protecting me invested enough in TSL to keep playing.

And that ’s the thing: Confusing because the app ’s regulations are, lovers will most definitely be attracted to The Fast Life for various reasons. A Few Swifties will savor that it ’s a secure space to geek out over their favourite pop celebrity and meet like-minded fanatics. Others will most probably deal with it like Pokémon Go With a TSwift twist, leveling up and collecting new Taymoji as briefly as they are able to. And nonetheless others will prioritize the objective of interacting with Taylor herself.

As a fan who falls squarely into that third class, I ’ll most likely keep popping into The Speedy Lifestyles a couple of instances per week to proportion content material, like a couple of posts, and sign in on Taylor ’s personal feed. Certain, I ’ve most certainly got a greater likelihood at successful the lottery than getting a like or reshare from the celebrity — however my odds on TSL must be higher than on Twitter or Instagram, considering Taylor now basically best uses those systems for promotional purposes.

Plus, I nonetheless need the ones cats.


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