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Fossils are an indispensible a part of present day science. Serving to piece together the sector because it was millions of years in the past, fossils are probably the most foremost cornerstone of paleontology and new ones proceed to trickle up ever so most likely.

This time, nonetheless, scientists have come across an specially rare to find: a residing fossil. Off the Algarve coast off Portugal, a bunch of researchers working on an ecu challenge have come across a Cretaceous-generation frilled shark, one that has miraculously survived for over eighty million years.

The researchers feel that the animal has remained unchanged over the hundreds of thousands of years, and how it managed to survive unchanged when just about all species were worn out or pressured to evolve to survive is a mystery.

The shark in question measured around five toes in length, however studies point out that it could actually grow to well over six ft, bigger than most grown humans.


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