2018 Ram Hydro Blue recreation is a rolling Eifel sixty five tribute


Not often do I look at a automobile and say, “that is the ultimate auto for Tobias Fünke,” but today is that day, and it is all because of the 2018 Ram 1500.

Ram this week unveiled the 2018 Hydro Blue sport specific edition. This would be the ultimate game-centered specified model of the yr, and it appears that Ram saved its craziest color for last.


As which you could tell from even probably the most cursory of glances, this is one seriously blue truck. The physique is blue, the grille is blue, the mirrors and door handles are blue. That monochromatic hue makes its approach inside the truck, as well. You’ll in finding blue in the stitching, the headrest trademarks and the instrument panel bezels.

Thankfully, Ram realized that it needed to add a splash of a 2d color in there. You’ll to find black accents on the hood, grille, Ram badges and headlights. The inner headliner is black, too. Shoppers may decide on gloss black aluminum wheels and black facet steps. There are some techier choices in there, too, like air suspension and parking sensors.

Lovers of the color blue can add this hue to the Ram 1500 activity in crew-cab configuration with the quick bed and a 5.7-liter V8. The only real alternative for the body and what lies underneath is a choice between two- and four-wheel pressure. If you wish to put this blue behemoth for your driveway, pricing starts at $forty six,060. Handiest 2,000 examples can be made on hand when it goes on sale this month.




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