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The marvel Cinematic Universe has grown and converted a satisfactory deal considering that its launch back in 2008, and the story of Thor inside that is no exception. The series is without doubt one of the originals within the larger franchise, and we’ve got noticeable the god-like hero and his core assisting characters go by way of a hell of so much now not only over the direction of two solo movies, however in Avengers titles as good. Thus, there is rather a bit of to make amends for before the arrival of the latest massive screen adventure, director Taika Waititi’s Thor: Ragnarok, but it’s inside that realm that we’re here to support.

Just if you happen to do not have time to look at hours of wonder films earlier than going to look Thor: Ragnarok in theaters this weekend, we have now thrown together this useful SPOILER-FREE consultant to furnish the entire knowledge you’ll need. The place have Thor and Hulk been the final few years? What’s Loki’s deal? Who is that guy doing all these weird magic tips? We have the answers to all those questions and extra below and on the following few pages, so read on!

many of the Avengers got here together to rectangular off in Captain the united states: Civil conflict, however Chris Hemsworth’s Thor was once a extremely good exception. Rather, we’ve not visible the God of Thunder for the reason that the final sequence of The Avengers: Age of Ultron, where he located himself discussing the magic of Mjolnir with Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) and Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) at the company new Avengers facility. He departed the scene with his hammer lifted high within the air, telling his comrades that he can be leaving to search the galaxy for extra expertise in regards to the fabled Infinity Stones. Finally this doesn’t have a giant have an effect on on the pursuits of Thor: Ragnarok, for motives satisfactory found out whilst absolutely gazing the movie, but what is essential to know/take into account is the bottom historical past of the titular hero and where he comes from.

Even as he is rarely recognized with the title, Thor is virtually a prince in his dwelling world, Asgard. Because the oldest son of the king, Anthony Hopkins’ Odin (extra on him in a bit), he grew up as the heir obvious to the throne — but determined situation just as he was once first about to be anointed. A petulant and silly man, he almost broke a peace treaty and began a battle, leading Odin to punish him. Thor used to be deemed unworthy of Mjolnir — which offers him the ability to harness lightning and fly — and he was banished to Earth except he would turn out to be humble. It wound up being an opportunity for exceptional progress, and he lower back to Asgard as a better hero.

Later, after saving Earth throughout The Avengers and the whole of the universe throughout Thor: The dark World, Thor used to be as soon as once more given the opportunity to rule Asgard as king — but it used to be an present that was became down. What the God of Thunder failed to appreciate at the time, nonetheless, was that it wasn’t truly Odin who was once giving him the offer…


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