Ferrari Starts Work to Produce an SUV!

Car Magazine and Bloomberg confirmed Ferrari’s work on producing an SUV. CEO Marchionne said that they have 30 months ahead to decide on producing an SUV

According to report exposed by Bloomberg, Ferrari is on a serious work in producing an SUV. News say, Ferrari CEO Sergio Marchionne has said that they have a 30 months time ahead to decide producing an SUV. This means even if Ferrari produces an SUV it will take a couple of years more to get it on market. According to rumors, the car will be categorized as FUV, which may mean Ferrari Utility Vehicle or Fast Utility Vehicle.

Ferrari Starts Work to Produce an SUV!

Both Car Magazine and Bloomberg has confirmed Ferrari is working on an SUV. Both sources also claim FUV will be based on GTC4 Lusso and will have hybrid power transmission capability.

Ferrari’s production of an SUV vehicle can be an important opportunity for the company to grow and increase sales. Because even if Ferrari sells only 2000 SUVs, it will mean a %25 increase in their sales of 8000 vehicles in 2016. Also, the annual vehicle sale will hit ten thousand target, which Marchionne had shown years ago.

Ferrari Starts Work to Produce an SUV!

The SUV will not only affect vehicle sales; the company will also be back at the track with its rivals. Aston Martin plans to produce the DBX crossover in 2019. Lamborghini will begin producing the Urus SUV this December. For Ferrari, there seems to be no more options at this point.


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