Seagate Produces 12 TB HDD, A Feast For Digital Hoarders

Seagate, introduced 12 TB HDD for files like 4K movies.

Seagate, one of the biggest disk producers of world, introduced new hdd which has a huge storage of 12 TB HDD. Seagate BarraCuda Pro is made for those who need big storages to store 4K movies and raw photo files.

New disks will meet the need of bigger storage for AR and VR videos which contain more pixels, and also will be able to open small apps instantly with it’s 256 MB cache.

BarraCuda Pro will be working at 7200 rpm speed which is a standard in hdd’s, can become a shared storage of multiple remote users with IronWolf file sharing.

BarraCuda Pro, which may be a few sizes bigger for those who surf internet and save a few text files seldom, will come with a price tag of 530$ with 5 years of limited guaranty.

Especially those who like to hoard movies, games and photos will be pleased with this product. How’d you fill it if you had one ? We’re expecting your answers.


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