Microsoft Engineer Developed A Bot That Exposes Messages With Swear Words

A Microsoft Engineer, who is really bored, developed a twitter bot that will be fun for developers. Software automatically tweets comments that contain swear words.

You know GitHub. It’s the data center of software world and social media of developers. Without this platform, self-development of developers may reduce, and we can be deprived of the good works that come out of the consensus. Key to all this features is that it is a free platform. But software developers sometimes use swear words in their comments. They may not be very fun at the moment but an engineer was able to make us laugh this time.

Will Pearson, who is a developer at Microsoft Azure, developed a bot called Gitlost and this bot is catching GitHub developers that swear.

Here are some remarkable tweets of the bot “Developers Swearing”:

When asked why the links to the regarding pages are not added to tweets, it’s to prevent developers to use the bot for advertising says Pearson. Otherwise a developer who swears to promote his software could reach a lot of users this way.

Software keeps exposing around 10 tweets that contain swear words each day. Click here if you want to see them.


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