Announcement Was Made For Censor In Blade Runner 2049!


As you know, Blade Runner 2049 was released in 6 of October with censored scenes. Sony Pictures made an announcement for the censor that caused negative reactions.

Blade Runner 2049, sequel to sci-fi legend 1982 movie Blade Runner, is featuring American actor Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford who became a star with the first movie as Rick Deckard. Movie that came to theatres on 6 of October in Turkey, caused negative reactions since scenes that contain nudity was censored.

Sony Pictures made an official announcement due to news and discussions on press and social media. Sony Pictures stated that “Sony Pictures released a bit changed version of movie in some areas, for due respect to local culture”

Announcement Was Made For Censor In Blade Runner 2049!

It was commented that producer is in a disrespectful manner after the statement. We too would not prefer a sequel to a sci-fi legend like this to be censored. What do you think ? Should Sony release an uncensored version ? Are they right in their decision ?


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