Lead Designer of Apple: We Overuse Smart Phones

Apple’s Lead Designer Jony Ive said in an interview, smartphones are great devices but we need to stop overusing them

The New Yorkers annual technology festival TechFest took place recently. In the event that hosted many renowned tech industry employees and industry leaders, Apple’s Lead Designer and a guru in the industry, Jony Ive was a guest too. Ive who answered questions about future of smartphones and people’s use of it, also highlighted some interesting points.

During his speak on smart phones, he stated that there can be a misuse of smart phones, like in every device. When asked, Ive described this misuse as “overuse”. Ive said that smartphones should be a tool that makes our daily work easier, not an addiction.

Lead Designer of Apple: We Overuse Smart Phones

Although iPhone seems to be the brand which must take most of the blame in this regard, Ive also says that iPhone’s design is better than other smartphone brands. Ive stated that the biggest design in crime is the design of smartphones as a tool of dependency. Ive also stated that some smartphones are designed as a soul captor as some of their features are especially aimed to create dependency. What are you thinking? Do you agree with Apple’s lead designer?


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