Google’s New Headset That Translates Simultaneously In 40 Languages: Pixel Buds

Yesterday, Google demonstrated that they are experts in hardware manufacturing. Most remarkable surprise was Pixel Buds, a wireless headset capable of simultaneous translation.

Wireless technologies spread around day by day. Too much distance is covered since infrared connections, so that a lot of people would believe in alien technologies if they would see the products of today 10 years ago.

The hardware that benefits from Bluetooth 5.0 are all around. Most commonly used cable format 3.5 mm jack is history since Apple has removed it from the iPhone series last year. At the event of yesterday, Google made a showdown with its Pixel 2 device and followed Apple’s footprint to remove standard headphone output.

google pixel

Translation is one of the fields that Artificial Intelligence is most used.

Because even if a person learns 5-6 languages, they have to spend years trying to speak them fluently. Google’s been working with translation technologies for years and now they offer Pixel Buds with the technology that will enable us to communicate in 40 different languages.

Only con of the product is that you need a Pixel 2 to use it. Nevertheless, it was seen at the event that it will provide an excellent user experience.

You just need to tap the right earphone to start Google assistant and translation support. If you have an iPhone, Pixel Buds is just a Bluetooth headset. You can use Pixel Buds for up to 24 hours and a continuous phone call for 5 hours.

How does it work ?

As we mentioned above, you need a Google Pixel phone to use Pixel Buds headphones. You first need to get a Google Pixel 2. If we’re okay with it, let us tell you the most important feature of the device, simultaneous translation.

Pixel Buds connects to Google Pixel 2 via Bluetooth and works in sync with Google Assistant. If you need an instant translation, just tap on your right earphone and say “Okey Google” to Google Assistant, and the translation will begin. So the speech of person you’re talking with will be directly translated to you. We use the touchpad of the earphone just the same to perform other basic functions, answering to calls, volume up and down and changing songs while listening to music.

How much will it be sold for ? Will it come to Turkey ?

Product will be on stores this November with a price tag of 159$. This equals to approximately 570 TL according to the current exchange rate value. First Pixel phones that was released last year was not available in Turkey. Pixel 2’s and Buds will be available in this link to Google Store, if it will be sold in Turkey. On the other hand, 570 TL price tag may be 800 TL due to taxes.


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